P.I.D. Radio 8/16/10: The King is Dead, Long Live the King


Elvis Presley

33 YEARS ago today, the troubled life of Elvis Aaron Presley came to an untimely end. We discuss some of the rumors and conspiracy theories about “the King” and his impact on our culture. However his life truly played out, he was unquestionably the match who touched off a radical change in music, movies, and attitudes, a bridge between the conservative gray flannel world of the Korean War era and the psychedelic ’60s.

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  2. miriamhannah

    Shalom, Derek and Sharon. I hate that I missed the live broadcast and couldn’t call in. I think that Elvis impacted my life and generation a great deal. I was too young to own records in those days, but I remember some things that happened on TV. He caused a big scandal by shaking his hips about and I remember Christians maybe in Alabama having huge Elvis record burning parties (I was raised Jewish and have been a believer for 21 years now 🙂 We thought it was so stupid and couldn’t understand what everyone was so upset about. My dad, who was part musician and part dentist, kept up with popular music, but he didn’t think Elvis was anything special. But Elvis certainly paved the way for what was to come. I don’t think that anyone in my parents’ generation captured the imagination of the populace, especially of young girls, the way the Elvis did. I think somehow he was just presented as more accessible than stars had been in the past. It opened the door to the 60’s sexuality and other rebellion. We left Leave It to Beaver for the Yellow Submarine.

    It was through Joe Schimmel’s documentaries, They Sold Their Souls for Rock’n’Roll, that I found out that Elvis was into Blavatsky. I was shocked. I thought he was just a good looking, country boy with some musical talent. I didn’t really imagine that he had any more than 2 brain cells to rub together.

    By the way, he was known to be an extremely generous man. My uncle was a professional pilot who told us that a friend of his had Elvis on his plane one time and my uncle’s friend had admired a ring that Elvis was wearing and Elvis gave it to the pilot.

    Blessings to you.

  3. Tea Ice


    Long Live the King
    Los Fresnos Elvis festival keeps his music alive
    August 18, 2010 11:33 AM
    JAZMINE ULLOA/The Brownsville Herald

    LOS FRESNOS — Omar Aguilar enjoys donning Elvis Presley attire and impersonating the legendary king of rock ‘n’ roll for one simple reason — he loves his music.

    “His music brought people joy,” he said. “I feel like we are carrying on his tradition to make people happy.”

    Aguilar was one of eight impersonators performing Saturday at the 17th annual Elvis Fest.
    Hundreds of residents from across the Rio Grande Valley gathered for the celebration held in tribute of the late Elvis Presley….

  4. Tea Ice

    No elvis-worshipping intended in posting the link to the festival.

    Clearly falls under idol worship and emulations.

  5. Frank

    Great episode, and love the work u guys are doing. Derek, you have the best beard on radio, and keep up the good fight on the NAR. There’s dirty work afoot.

    I also loved bubba hotep, that is one of the best films ever, and I love bruce campbell.

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