P.I.D. Radio Live: Sheila Broughton — West Coast Conference on the Paranormal


West Coast Conference on the ParanormalAFTER A technical glitch that ate the first ten minutes of the show, we made connections with a survivor of demonic activity who’s taking the fight back to the enemy. Sheila Broughton is pulling together the West Coast Conference on the Paranormal, tentatively set for October 9 at Irvine, California, with speakers Joe Jordan, L.A. Marzulli, Dr. Michael Heiser, Zen Garcia, Russ Dizdar, Helena Lehman, and Dr. Joy Jeffries Pugh.

This is a huge undertaking, especially for someone who’s out of work at the moment, so help is appreciated. Find more information, contact Sheila by email at cydonia222 (at) ymail dot com.

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19 comments on “P.I.D. Radio Live: Sheila Broughton — West Coast Conference on the Paranormal

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  2. Cathy

    I can’t believe your going to have Dr Joy Pugh at this conference. Have you studied her beliefs? She is WAY off base…. if it weren’ so sad, it would be laughable. She believes that Cain is the son of satan . ( Among other things) Please, please study her beliefs for yourself and check them out in the Bible… she is not scriptualy sound.

  3. Carol

    I agree with Cathy, also Zen Garcia has been a huge promoter of Dr. Pugh. Even so, I wish I could attend. Sounds exciting. You do have to know your scripture though…!

  4. Derek

    We’ve discussed this with Sheila and she is aware of the potential controversy. Please note that the conference does not have “Christian” in the title so that we don’t need to debate what’s in accordance with biblical orthodoxy. In other words, chew the meat and spit out the bones. Guy Malone produced several excellent Ancient of Days conferences with speakers who definitely did not present a biblical view of the paranormal.

    As with all things in this world, we have to know our scripture. Genesis 4:1 is very clear: Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, saying, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.”

    The only way to interpret that passage differently, as Mr. Garcia explains at about 5:30 into this video, is to read sexual symbolism into the text. That symbolism is not explicit, nor do we find it supported anywhere else in the Bible.

  5. Kevin

    Please…Please…Please…DO NOT have Dr.Pugh at this conference.
    I’m stating this because of the fact you have alot of people possibly Christians who are going to hearing this info for the first time.
    A good factual basis and fooundation needs to be set to help people wade into these waters. In order have this conference gain some credibilty you need to keep out the likes of Dr. Pugh for now considering how some of the more scholarly material will line in conflict with hers. How frustrationing and confusing if you have that kinda contridiction on the first round of this conference.
    Her ideas are a bit nutty and weakly based on scripture…and I can see where a seed could be planted where the Devil could mess with people’s heads. With Dr.Pughs material you need a REALLY REALLY firm foundation.

    I dont mean to offend anyone but I felt a cringe when I heard her name on the roster.

    Keep following the call guys..its time for the catacombs to extend to the West Coast. I got my chalk ready to write a fish on the walls

    Thanks Derek and Shiela.


  6. Annie

    Having these guests will seem like an endorsement to many though. It’s taken several years of listening to your program, and others in your camp, but I’ve decided the only reason I’ve been listening is for the entertainment value, and that I need to say something. Your teaching, and the teaching of your friends — LA Marzulli, Tom Horn — and others — belongs in the lunatic fringe. I think there is lack of discernment here, especially when you talk about the Days of Noah. It refers to nothing more than the things Christ outlined in the Olivet Discourse. “…they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. Then two [men] will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. Two [women will be] grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left. Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.” The Lord told us that life would be going on as normal until judgment came, then there would be those who would be rescued and those who would suffer judgment. Nothing was said of Nephilim, breeding programs, or transgenic’s.

    You are correct that we do fight a spiritual battle against real demonic forces. Before I was a Christian, I was involved in Wicca. I brought demonic forces into my home, but they did not attack me, they attacked my son. They left when I became a Christian, and before they did, they told my son they were angry at me for becoming a Christian and that’s why they were leaving. The years of paranormal activity that had been going on in my home came to an abrupt end. I don’t think demons can invade a home where the Holy Spirit is present. I’ve listened to all of you for years with an open mind, now I consider you deceived false teachers who are deceiving others. Maybe it’s time you took a step back and questioned whether you are Biblically sound or not.

  7. Derek Post author


    Thanks for your comments, and I appreciate you sharing your honest assessment of our work. You’re right, Jesus didn’t specifically say anything in the Olivet Discourse about the Genesis 6 nephilim incident. It is, however, referenced in Jude and 2 Peter 2, and presumably they knew what they were talking about.

    Were the nephilim the result of a breeding program intended to destroy humanity? I don’t know. It’s a theory that fits the evidence but there’s no way to know for sure.

    It is, however, a theory that is based on scripture. I direct you to the work of Dr. Michael Heiser at http://www.thedivinecouncil.com. More to the point is his presentation from the Ancient of Days Conference a few years ago , which you can watch at YouTube by clicking here.

    Dr. Heiser addresses the following questions:

    1.) What were the “Sons of God” and what was the nature of their relationships?
    2.) Is there a relationship between the Flood and the hybridization?
    3.) Who were the Nephilim, and are they distinct from the “Sons of God?”
    4.) Is there a relationship between Genesis 6 and Genesis 3?
    5.) How is the idea of giants explained in the ancient Jewish traditions?
    6.) Did ancient people believe in hybridized offspring? Did they take Genesis 6 literally?
    7.) Does the word Nephilim mean Giants?

  8. Annie

    Thank you, Derek, for your civil reply to my challenging post. I am aware of the things you bring up. As I’ve said, I’ve listened to you and your colleagues for years — and not just the ones I mentioned in my last post.

    The scriptures you mention are a very small part of canon and require a lot of adding to in order to arrive at your world view. And only certain translations can be used in that way — or perhaps misused. As for the traditions of men, Christ frequently challenged the leaders of His day for their traditions which made the Word of God of no effect.

    One of my largest concerns with your teaching is that this ‘movement’ seems to take believers away from the Bible to the books and tapes and teachings of men and women who share a similar world view — even to individuals who you admit are not Biblically sound — such as Dr Pugh. I worry that the enemy uses this to lead people away from God, especially new believers or believers who are not firmly rooted in the Bible — or believers coming out of a new-age or metaphysical background. I worry that this might be another one of Satan’s numerous disinformation campaigns.

    If I am wrong, Christ, and time, will certainly reveal it.

    Thank you again for your civility.

  9. Derek Post author

    Hi, Annie, we do our best to live up to the standard of “gentleness and respect”. Some days I get closer to it than others. Likewise, I appreciate your civil approach to a topic that you feel strongly about.

    If we ever, ever divert anyone’s attention from Christ and Him crucified, ours included, then we are in serious error. That has never been our intent. Our hope is to help people to be aware of the Enemy’s snares, not to throw more of them out there.

    To that end, we have said many times on our programs not to take anything that we or any of our guests say as gospel, but to take only the *gospel* as gospel.

  10. Anointedvessel

    Hello Derek and Sharon God bless you both,
    I really appreciate the patience you showed in the comment section you are true children of the most high and it is evident in the fruit that you bear. It is with great hope that you show the same patience with the following comments which I would like to share with you from one Christian sister to my Brother and Sister in Christ. I apologize in advance for my grammer and spelling (my editor was sleeping, I have a dachsund too).
    I wanted to point out a few things about the last interview with Ms. Broughton that cause me to pause a bit, For starters, her stories were a bit fantastic, I am in the ministry and I have traveled the world, and seen lots of things mind you, heard lots of things too but her story just didn’t seem to sit well with me, I discerned some things that didn’t seem quit right so I did some digging. Here is what I found. In the first few minutes of your show she said that she experienced some difficulty with her Ipod, a song sprang from Schizophonic (Fallen Angels). Well it happens to be an actual song, written by Anthony Resta, and recorded on a Nuno Bettencourt Album. Now I got that stuff from Wikipedia, (the album art alone made me want to re-dedicate my life to Christ AGAIN oh the HORROR Don’t look), and if you click on the name of Resta you will find that he had a hand in making some rather strange music on some very old stuff and OH by the way He also helped make the music to the Twilight series. Hmmmm. Ok fancy that. So that adds up, so I clicked play again,(oh sorry I had hit pause on your show to go play CSI), and kept listening and boom another doozy, now her Ipod had 2 EVP’s and a message entitled “An Extraterrestrial message 02”, I listened on further but with a grain of salt and only grabbing every other word, after about 20 or so minutes I just shut it off. My humble analysis, something ain’t adding up. I remember coming under a demonic attack and ending it quickly with the name of Jesus, yes the devil is persistent and of course he tries to do it again but this story makes living the life of a Christian sound like being locked up in Guantanamo. If this lady says she has Schizophrenia, I believe her and some of her reality may not be so real at all or either the enemy is using her disease to gain a foothold into her mind to continually torture her into thinking she is going into these ridiculous battles of being tortured and beat half to death, feet put on backwards and so on. This sounds like and feels like spiritually the same stuff Rebecca Brown MD was selling some years back. She had folks praying and fasting for her, and that poor little soul she had under her care who were getting whipped by the devil day in and day out. She told fantastic tales of Angels flying around with swords and so on. Oh brother I could go on but I won’t, this goes in the category of spooky spiritual(insert twilight zone music here). People like this need to be discerned carefully, prayed for and NOT ENCOURAGED. All the people running to sign up for the paranormal conference aren’t going to find out about Christ, some folks are at risk for coming back more confused and bound. I found out long ago the best book to read is the BIBLE, yah conspiracy theories abound and we are all curious about a lot of things, but I think we can begin to grieve the very heart of God by running for answers everywhere but him and the scriptures. Please don’t take this the wrong way, Sharon I love science, I even got a science degree and volunteer in the medical field outside of the ministry, I love a good mystery and sci-fi, I even post some weird stuff on my own blog but this lady just doesn’t sit well with me. I have a bad bad feeling about this, if this woman is being gang stalked or mind controlled then why on earth is she being put in position to minister to anyone?? Did I see Russ Dizdar on the list? If he is going to the conference then maybe he will see what I am and minister to her…guys she clearly needs to be on the receiving end. last but not least, one area that I move in is healing and deliverance and God just recently released me to move in this ministry, However it wasn’t until I underwent years and years of spiritual growth and maturation was I even allowed to move in this ministry, I am not saying that is what she is doing, but by freely giving her testimony, all over the place on the internet and now at a conference? The devil can set up the following scenario: I call this snowballing, She tells her story and whadya know she finds herself being followed by a quickly growing group of several immature Christians or non-Christians of various ages and needs, seeking answers who have been through a similar situation. At first it will seem fine because birds of a feather flock together and all that and they can all understand each other pretty much and she can speak their language (so to speak, pun not intended), however with her stated mental difficulties this neediness will not go well with her liking and she won’t understand their need to cling to her. She also may not understand that she may have formed some unhealthy relationships or co-dependencies in a remarkably short amount of time. Why do I say this? Because as stated earlier birds of a feather flock together, anyone who will get on a show and tell every detail of an incident in their life with total strangers will do it with anybody and the people that they attract will likewise do the same, however they tend not to trust people outside of their little world, hence their need to cling to their own. So unless she plans on becoming a fearless leader she may find herself the center of some very unwanted attention, or worse being solicited for prayers of deliverance from some very sick people, or stalked by people she never intended to turn into stalkers. It is my own firm belief that the devil is using this woman and she is unaware… However that is only my humble opinion, if I seemed to harsh on this issue I apologize.
    A word from a very wise man “You summon what you serenade”


  11. Chris

    I have listened to both of her interviews and she is clearly delusional. I listen to your show for entertainment to see how people deceive themselves so completely. However this woman, I believe is mentally unstable and I believe need clinical help. The drivers licence page is a well known Internet gag, a simple search and you can find it. This does not constitute someone is seeking her out to torment her, her lack of logic is why she is being tormented. This woman is clearly lacking reason and not making any attempt to use critical thinking. Her paranoia is very reminiscent of a paranoid schizophrenic. My father had this condition, listening to her interviews was very disturbing to me. It was listening to my father when he wasn’t taking his medication. I hope she gets help. Whith that being said it is now your responsibility to help this woman, however your program may have encouraged her illness if she is mentally I’ll.

  12. Derek

    Hi, Chris: Thanks for listening, for whatever reason!

    Anointed Vessel: your concern is noted. I think the greater danger is that people like Sheila–and a number of people have contacted us to let us know how much they appreciate knowing that they aren’t alone–don’t know about people who can help them like Russ Dizdar and Joe Jordan, who will be at this conference. By speaking up, she is at least guiding them to people who understand the problem, as you do: we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.

  13. Anointedvessel

    Thanks Derek, I believe through our praying for this woman (and others like her), she will be led to further help in this area. Keep up your good work. God bless you both

  14. Karen

    I am greatly confused and somewhat disturbed by Sheila. It could be because I have had to work with mentally ill individuals who seek to cure themselves when really the only catalyst for normality is in fact a strict nutritional regimen along with a prescription medication routine as well. I am in no way disregarding that she has suffered, but as a new Christian that has heard her speak, I find her baffling, inconsistent and more than a bit scary. I only write this comment because I have a VERY BAD feeling about her.

    Thanks for a fantastic show and I will continue to be a faithful listener. Keep up the good work and keep up those consistent requests and praises for discernment via the Holy Spirit. Much love to you both and of course, to Sam as well.

  15. Auriel


    My only complaint as someone who has more than dabbled in the paranormal is that the venue may be TOO christian too attract an electric group of people.

    And please! I cannot believe all the comments ripping Shelia apart from so called christian brethren! Wow with people like you guys, who needs enemies? Anyone with half a brain should know that she is probably reading this. Nice going.

    She did not come across to me as delusional. What she considers gang stalking I consider organized stalking. And there are plenty of telepaths out there who can make it happen. Look at some of the programs our military has been involved in, look up DARPA.

    There is a world out there must of you have NO clue exists and quite frankly you probably couldn’t handle it. So what good are you to anyone?

    I don’t think some of you have any clue as to what kind of people are actually out there in the shadows and what they are capable of. But they prefer it that way.

    Have you ever met people who agreed 100% on any topic? I can’t stand half of them but I’m not going to name them, question their sanity, and rip them apart publicly. Freaking out on someone who maybe has a different doctrine from you comes across as fear…….and fear feeds. Where’s that “perfect love” I keep hearing about that casts out fear?

    Sheesh, you made me feel bad for her!

    You remind me of why at times I do not trust or like Christians.

  16. Auriel

    And yes, I see the unfortunate typos. That happens when I’m angry but I’m not trying to impress anyone and I meant every word of it.

    Now I’m off to find a churchian free happy place.

  17. ct

    Derek, I appreciate the work your doing on Dominionism, it’s an important subject and there aren’t many taking notice. Have you had any success in contacting Al Dager for an interview? Up until the last little while, I thought he was the only one who understood the threat. If you want to take a look into some other reconsructionist leaders, look into Vision Forum Ministries, led by Douglas Philips, and featuring the likes of R.C. Sproul Jr. You’ll find that Mr. Philips has ties to Institute for Creation Research and has been featured on VCY America. Vision Forum has some great teaching when it comes to families but will lead their followers to some unforeseen places.

    I wanted to comment on the stuff about Sheila Broughton. I have to say that I am a bit suprised that you would wholeheartedly endorse her the way you have. I think to begin with you should re-listen to the first interview you had with her. She seems to have a questionable understanding of salvation and sound doctrine. I definitely am not saying weather or not she is saved, but put it this way, I wouldn’t consider her a candidate for Sunday School teacher. She needs Biblical discipleship. In my opinion, there seem to be quite a few regular guests to yours, and to some of the other like-minded shows, who need to get down to the fundamentals again or perhaps for the first time.Perhaps there’s some truth to the whole Nephilim thing, but that should not be our preoccupation. Show after show of Black Awakenings and Alien Abductions is not the “meat and drink” that that Jesus wants us feasting on day after day. Listen to some sermons by Leonard Ravenhill, Paris Reidhead, Joe Schimmel etc… and you’ll start seeing that the battle that is going on unseen is not against the nephilim but for the souls of men. Does it give you any pause that Dr. Heiser seems to be the only notable scholar in this camp? I’m afraid that it’s possible (not unquestionably)while you are warning against one group of false teachers (the dominionists), you are possibly giving creedence to others. Be careful, please!

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