P.I.D. Radio 5/2/10: Mayday! Mayday!


A CULT took center stage in Washington, D.C. yesterday — or rather, took the steps of the Lincoln Memorial — for an event that featured prominent American Christians and volunteers from all fifty states. May Day 2010 was billed as a day to publicly repent and cry out to God for mercy instead of the judgment we deserve.

That’s fine, as far as it goes, but there are some serious doctrinal problems with the approach. Not least of which is the net effect of this event, which allowed leaders of the heretical New Apostolic Reformation to rub shoulders with respected evangelical leaders. In short, Dominionism went public, and it was publicly sanctioned by mainstream evangelicals.

For good, biblical teaching on Dominionism and the New Apostolic Reformation, please see Discernment Ministries, the Apologetics Coordination Team, Herescope, and Dr. Orrel Steinkamp’s Plumbline newsletter archive.

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  2. Nathan

    I jujst rencently heard you guys. Someone i work with does not believe in Yeshua and thinks we are from aliens. So i started to see what i could find out he watches a show called acient aliens and knew about enoc from the show. In looking for things i heard your show with stay deo about the tower of babel. And am hooked. It is awsome how God works and how he can use people or things to draw us to him and learn things about him. I wish everyone would wake from their slumber and know that the end is coming and churches would start talking about the Lords return. I not perfect and always need Gods mercy and forgiveness. But thank you for sheding some light on these things. May God bless you and keep you THANKS! P.S sorry about spelling if anything is misspelled. Also I checked into Nimrod and who he was wounder if you guys have ever talked much about him. It is very interesting. THANKS AGAIN.

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