P.I.D. Radio 10/26/09: By Any Other Name…



NO MATTER what they call it — “public option”, “consumer option”, socialism, fascism — the end will be the same: more control in fewer hands. It’s been coming for two thousand years, but we know who wins in the end.

Also: 10/25 passes without an economic meltdown, although commercial real estate is starting to collapse; President Obama declares H1N1 emergency; and the hate crimes bill finally passes. Soon, violent crime will be EXTRA illegal — some of the time.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 10/26/09: By Any Other Name…

  1. Dan Nieman

    Another excellent program as usual. I think the Joseph paradign is interresting and important for us to consider for many reasons. My wife and I work closely with the local Christian Food Pantry to provide for the needs of people in our community. The amount of spiritual attack we are under at this time is tremendous. Critical physical illness and financial setbacks have hit every family that volunteer at the food pantry. I believe that the enemy is doing this now, because we are on the verge of a major crisis, maybe not today, but in the future and the Enemy is doing everything he can to shut that institution down.

    The Joseph model is also interresting because it uses essentially the Keynesian economic system, where you increase taxes when you are experiencing an economic expansion. This forces savings through taxation and seeks to limit the amoutnt of greed of corporations through regulation. When the country experiences an economic downturn, taxes are lowered and spending is increased to protect the poorest in the country from being totally shipwrecked.

    Finally, I am sharing your shows on my blog Heartland Heartbeat http://heartlandheartbeat.blogspot.com/ Take a look at the blog and if you do not want the shows shared I will remove them.

  2. Julie Webster-Smith

    As always an excellent show!!! I agree with your views on the bacccines. I just put a video up on my facebook page: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhQ-Tu4ljEo., which was on Steve Quayle’s page yesterday. I encourage you to watch it if you haven’t already done so.I am amazed on how the government is trying to make up believe that we are in the midst of a pandemic. Which is a repeat of the “flu outbreak” of 1976. How many have died already this year in America 1,000 as compared to 36,000 a year in a normal year. Talk about a bunch of evil lies. I look forward to the end. Come Quickly Lord Jesus!
    You guys keep up the wonderful work that you do. God Bless you.
    Also tell Sam I said “Hi” and to check out his facebook. My dog Peater has become a real fan.

  3. outOfactor

    Don’t ya know it! Read Ps. 3. I know the oppression those who experience being obedient to God. Stay the course at all cost. Never curse God and hope for death. God saw my wife and I through tough times and now that He has prospered us I DON’T even trust that. Trust God. I will pray and help you Dan. God bless Sharon and Derek and Sam the dog!

  4. Derek

    Dan: thank you for seeing fit to share our efforts at your site. Judging by your brief bio, you’ve got your priorities in order!

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