P.I.D. Radio 9/19/09: The Big Shift



EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS are being coopted by the New Age movement, and most don’t even know it. Much of the reading we’ve been doing this week has revolved around that fact, and a good part of tonight’s show explores some of the evidence.

In short, dominionists, emerging churchers, and ecumenical groups are all aiming for the same goal as New Agers: heaven on Earth. Which may explain, for example, why influential New Ager Paul Temple, founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, donates so much money to the secretive and politically connected evangelical group The Family. (More about that tomorrow on this week’s View From the Bunker.)

Watch for keywords like “shift”, “bridge”, and “transformation”, and be wary of what they really mean.

Also: Doctor Death Ray; ACORN goes nuts; atheists go ape; President Obama’s deal with Russia; the UK’s deal with Libya (see Susan Lindauer’s comments at Derek’s blog by clicking here); Dave Duncan’s warnings proving true (read The New World Order Scam–please!); and Dan Brown’s new novel promotes the craft.

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5 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 9/19/09: The Big Shift

  1. lovemytwins

    Hey Sharon and Derek,
    I happen to live in the unfortunate city you have been talking about with the boy locked in chains and the little girl who was murdered. This city I live in, I was not born in, and have lived here for a little over 11 years.

    Unfortunately, I have seen and felt the evil finding its way into this city over the past several years.

    “Something Wicked This Way Comes” to the Central Valley indeed.

    God Bless you for your show. I love the two of you and love your humor. Thank you for all the guests you have on. The only show I found disturbing was the one titled “Hearing Voices”. I had to turn off that program.

    Anyway, God is working through you guys and I thank God I found you.

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