P.I.D. Radio 9/12/09: Internal Server Error

Video directed by Demi Moore featuring stars pledging allegiance to Barack Obama

WE THOUGHT we’d name tonight’s show to match the web page our hosting company serves up half the time lately. That’s what we get for signing up with a company named for the king of the Abyss (see Revelation 9:11 — 9/11… coincidence?).

Anyway, this was a week of speeches: President Obama to America’s schoolchildren and to the U.S. Congress, some of whom, according to certain pundits, behaved like schoolchildren. While we sympathize with Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), we Christians have to recognize that the government is part of the enemy’s domain, granted by God after the Tower of Babel incident (see View From the Bunker #8 with Dr. Mike Heiser).

Our weapons in this war are spiritual: prayer and fasting–not political action committees, Supreme Court justices, or guns. We need to avoid getting so caught up in the political discourse that we forget. In other words, follow God’s will and avoid the internal server error.

Also: Netanyahu’s visit to Russia a diversion for test of secret weapon; Israel planning attack on Iran; G20 coming to Pittsburgh amid calls to dump the dollar (see The G20 Moves the World a Step Closer to a Global Currency); anti-abortion activist shot dead in Michigan; and Christians being blamed for anti-Christian behavior.

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