Best of P.I.D. Radio: Stan Deyo — The Incident at Babel


Victory Stele of Naram-Sin

WITH COMPANY again tonight (and some furniture to move), we dig back into the archive again for one of our favorite interviews, one that relates to the discussion of the Divine Council with Dr. Michael Heiser the other night.  What was it about the Tower of Babel that made God so angry?

For analysis and speculation, back in 2005 we asked scientist, archaeologist, and author Stan Deyo about Babel. He discussed the tower, Tesla coil technology, and how both might have been used as portals to other dimensions — inhabited dimensions.

Stan also revealed that sources inside the Defense Department are whispering about a coming event they call “the return of the Sumerian gods”.


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3 comments on “Best of P.I.D. Radio: Stan Deyo — The Incident at Babel

  1. none

    I listened to this guy for years and every year he promised to reveal the anti-gravity technology. So far he has done nothing. This makes me suspect. Where is the sample tech or at least the detailed instructions on how to build one. So far, he is representing himself as a liar. I mean truth is truth. Where is his proof!? If he is one of us, a christian, then why hasnt he shared this? This would expose much of the elite’s plan if he has this technology.
    The best info he shared was in the UFO Convention DVD.

  2. BlackStrings

    According to info I’ve been reading on UFOs and all that other stuff, if he shared the technology now, even if you are able to make one, a Human flying saucer, it would be dangerous to control it and even to de-active it (life would be at risk if pursued, well ofcourse you’ll gonna have to learn how to deactive it anyways if you make one), I don’t think they have found a way to deactivate the device safely yet, and if they did I still don’t think they would share this technology to the common people like us, this being only one of the thousand reasons of not sharing…)

    At this point, I think people like Stan Deyo does not care if people believe him or not anymore. That time of convincing people has already come to a past for him, (but if he is still searching for support he’s gonna have to keep convincing by use better methods). As for those who are already caught up, you’re at least better off now than those who haven’t got a clue what’s going on… and for those who haven’t…well good luck to them. As one of the many, Stan Deyo probably know what’s going on, and he’s got his own worries to deal and solve, he’s just sharing info as he goes when ask.

    But yes, if this technology does exist and is already being experiemented all over the nations within secret groups, mind as well share it right? :p.

    But if people really want to know about this technology, the best and fastest way to get the info on how to make one is to join “THEM”, but be wise on who’s side you’ll join for there are multiple groups with their own reasons, majority are risky to join (it’ll almost be like selling your own soul). Join the right group and you won’t have to.

    God bless everyone! And keep researching/experimenting!

  3. Larry W. Taylor

    Derek ~ Thanks for posting this Stan Deyo Interview from your PID Archive. Stan Deyo has so much to share
    and tells what he can without ‘spilling all the beans’ so to speak! I’ve known Stan for years and always
    blessed by his work. However, most that want the whole story, I find clearly that their neck is not in the
    noose! When I talk with with Klaus Dona in Vienna, Klaus is very careful in what he says so as not to ‘say
    too much’ ~ not that he doesn’t know but guarding secrets given him from others on condition he protects
    them and to a degree the secret. I would guess Stan is under the same situation as sometimes he is slow to
    answer and seems careful at what he says…? Maybe I should be slower to speak…? anyway THANKS Derek for
    all you and Sharon accomplish on this earth and for the Kingdom.

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