Best of P.I.D. Radio: Peter Levenda — Sinister Forces



THIS WEEKEND marks the 40th anniversary of the brutal Manson family Tate/LaBianca slayings, so it seemed appropriate to bring back another foundational interview with Peter Levenda, author of the three-volume set Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft.

As we read Levenda’s work, we realized that Sinister Forces — and indeed, American history since World War II — is essentially the six degrees of Charles Manson.

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1 comment on “Best of P.I.D. Radio: Peter Levenda — Sinister Forces

  1. Michael Kirkby

    I have the first two volumes of Sinister Forces. The one I can’t find is the Manson Secret, the third volume. The only copy I can find is on Amazon and the person want $587.00 Canadian for it, which I definitely refuse to pay. Is there any reason this one is so rare? Does anyone have a copy they wish to sell at a reasonable market rate?

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