P.I.D. Radio 8/5/09: Green Monkeys and Swine Flu


H1N1 vaccine patent

DRAWING ON her experience as a molecular biologist, Sharon highlights some interesting connections in tonight’s show: it appears that DynCorp, a longtime military contractor and suspected CIA cutout, has its fingers in a company that just announced a successful H1N1 vaccine — and saw its stock price jump 21% today.

Also: President Obama’s birthday cake; Bill Maher gets Derek’s blood up; Congress orders three new executive jets for itself; Rupert Murdoch plans to charge for his news sites; and ailing insurance giant AIG — now mostly owned by American taxpayers — sees its stock jump 66% today. (What’s up with that?)

Here’s the link to the article at Sharon’s website about Novavax, DynCorp, and the H1N1 vaccine. Be sure to follow the links at the end of the article for more on DynCorp’s checkered past.

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