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July 7, 2009 — Derek’s back is complaining about all the recent yard work, and Sharon is fighting an unexpected fibromyalgia flare-up. Sam’s fine, but he doesn’t know how to use the computer yet–and he doesn’t have thumbs or fingers (although he does have splendid teeth–he insisted we mention that).

We hope to return tomorrow evening. We thank the Lord for your continued prayers!

A few items to chew on until tomorrow, as Sharon and Derek wait for the IB to kick in:

8 comments on “No New Show Tonight

  1. David Endsley

    Sorry to hear about all the pain you guys are having. Although it’s kind of nice knowing that I’m not the only one who suffers back pain after doing yard work. 🙂 We’ll be praying for you.

  2. Mark A.

    Best wishes that things get to feeling better. When one’s back is not feeling well, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else…

  3. Dean Jones

    Take it easy guys. You only get the one body. as someone with spina bifida I know how anoying back problems can be and how tempting it can be to try and start doing too much again too soon but that will only prolong the problems. Treat it with a little respect:)

  4. Derek

    Dean: Thank you. You’ve got it a lot worse than me. Some ice, some heat, some IB, and some grace will do the trick.

  5. Dean Jones

    “Dean: Thank you. You’ve got it a lot worse than me. Some ice, some heat, some IB, and some grace will do the trick.”

    I’m glad you’re remaing upbeat whilst treating your back with care. it’s a fine balanceeing act of taking it serously enough to look after yourself and remainging positive about it and not suffering from dispair. Well done for getting the balance right.

    I Hope Sharrons FM flaire up is calming down to. Take care of yourselves over there ( I already know you’re taking care of eachother)

  6. Derek Post author

    Hey, thank you for the suggestion! We had an inversion table for a while and had to leave it behind in St. Louis when we moved. It seemed to help, but my back problems aren’t really chronic. Proper stretching (when I used to do it) and lifting with my legs seems to keep most of the problems at bay.

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