P.I.D. Radio 6/17/09: From Cairo to Chi-Rho



TONIGHT’S show is a whirlwind tour that touches three continents and the Moon. After a quick discussion of the weather (the Earth is cooling, so quit measuring our carbon footprints), we talked about the research that occupied Sharon most of the day: esoteric connections between the Kryptos puzzle outside the CIA’s headquarters, NASA’s new lunar mission, Egypt/Tutankhamen/Akhenaten, the Nazca lines, and Dan Brown’s forthcoming novel.

Here’s the link to the page devoted to Kryptos we referred to during the show.

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7 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 6/17/09: From Cairo to Chi-Rho

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  2. Mario D

    I don’t know why, but I keep tuning in to your site and radio program – daily.
    I have for several years.
    Trust me.
    You two are dynamic together!
    Very intelligent and humorous. Not a common combination.
    I was disappointed when you left the air. Happy when you returned.
    I read Misler, Quayle, Flynn, Marzullo, Horn, Mike H. and all the boys and girls.
    You guys are cutting edge.
    You two have a great ministry here.
    Even though most think I’m crazy, I feel we(you and me types) are all being prepared to help the lost when the SHTF. Let me know if you need help with the acronym 😉

    You both are doing a great work. Don’t get discouraged!
    Keep it going.
    I forward your stuff often.
    I promise to donate.
    Take care,

  3. John Gerson

    Actually, according to research by Dr. Walter Veith, Chi Rho has its origins in pagan fertility cultus.

  4. John Gerson

    (cont’d) The Chi being the symbol of the female pudenda and the Rho being the phallus, the super-positioning of which becomes downright pornographic.

  5. Stephen DeNagy

    Great to see you back to (nearly) daily podcasting! I wanted to alert you to some science that I have not seen referred to here.You don’t have to put on the tin foil hats to explain the cooling that we are seeing, it’s part of the natural cycles that the Lord has put into place, cycles that science is beginning to unravel…or at least describe.

    I have been made aware this year of something climatologists have been QUIETLY debating, which explains the phenomena that originally inflamed the global warming frenzy. You are both old enough to remember that at the end of the 1960’s/early 1970’s the news was screaming that an ice age was coming…30 years later we are screaming that the world is burning up!

    Both are understood as being the ends of 30 year (or so) temperature variations called “The Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO).” I have several references below, but this is apparently quite well accepted as a real phenomenon, probably completely unrelated to human activity.

    The PDO predicts cooler air and off-coast North American water temps during the cool cycle (1947-1977 or so) and the opposite–a warming cycle–from 1977 to 2007 (or so).

    There is lots of evidence for this, not the least of which are the event you report in this episode, excessively cool temperatures, crop problems, etc.

    In fact, some scientists have stated that given warming and cooling, one would PREFER warmer…because would could do something about it. Cooling is possible, at least in theory, via cloud formation, the Barium you suggest, placing soot in the atmosphere, satellite reflectors, etc. But there is no mechanism for warming the planet that we know of. I emailed you links to science stories that hopefully have gotten through.

    Of course Al Gore has not recanted…yet!

  6. Kit

    I love you guys! This one was great and I am very glad you guys are back daily. You guys are my husbands and my wind down at night and the humor is great. Thanks for all you do!

  7. Peter McMillan

    I cannot tell you about any recent physiological side-effects that I have personally experienced due to the changeover from the old NTSC broadcast signal format to the new digital one, but I do suspect that ANY digital signal might be pathologically interesting.

    All digital signals produce abrupt changes as they go from a zero to a one and vice versa. It is this digital abruptness and the very high analog harmonic frequency sets that make up a digital state change that to me seems to have a hammer effect on the plasma of a living cell.

    Of course in practice the abruptness is smoothed out by implementing only the minimal requirements for a state change that produces the intended intelligence to be carried by the signal.

    Still I cannot believe these abrupt state changes are pathologically neutral or more specifically that they don’t alter the natural frequency harmonics of our living cell plasma.

    Our cells may literally be forced to ‘dance’ to the tune of the digital signals which pervade out atmosphere from so many sources. This may alter our rate of breathing, our heartrate, our brain waves, etc.

    The upshot to all of this, as bizarre as it sounds, may be that ultimately our physiologies may ‘prefer’ digitally provided messages from the communication taking place between our brain and body to the politically delivered orations transmitted by digital format.

    As an example, we won’t listen to our next door neighbour in a face-to-face chat because his speech is delivered in an analog fashion, but we will listen to the president of the unites states when he tells us over our plasma digital TV that such and such new laws are required for such and such a reason.

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