P.I.D. Radio 6/1/09: Psychic Tweets


Psychic tweets

WELL, Pentecost has passed and we’re still here. Hallelujah! Be not afraid, just continue to watch the signs and know that the truth claims of Christianity are grounded in historically attested events, not private revelation.

Tonight: Remote-viewing Twitter users; the cold-blooded murder of Dr. George Tiller; the US may reduce Israel’s support at the UN; Big Brother is still watching you–and now he owns two of the Big Three automakers; and last call to register for the Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural conference June 6 in Mansfield, Ohio.

Once again, we work a mention of the TV series Millennium into a show. This time, third season episode “Exegesis” is referenced for the plot, which features remote viewing, the subject of the Twitter experiment. You can watch the episode online at BlinkX.com, or catch the series a couple times a day on the new cable channel Chiller (please, Comcast, pleeeease pick it up!). (Link to Daniel 5:12 at BibleGateway.com.)

Cheap plug: Derek’s new novel The God Conspiracy will be available as a free serialized audiobook beginning one week from today at www.PodioBooks.com. (Can’t get much cheaper than free!)

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  1. Aaron

    Great show you two! As for finding a church; I am very happy you found a good one. I have not been as fortunate, as I am in a region where “outside the box” views are not appreciated at church.

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