P.I.D. Radio 5/26/09: Little Foxes


The Fallen plotting over donuts

ONE of the most effective tactics of the enemy is not necessarily a manifestation complete with fire and brimstone, but rather a series of pinpricks that put us into a distressed, depressed, or contentious state of mind. The “little foxes”, as they’re called in Song of Songs, can destroy our walk as Christians simply by making us feel as though the Lord has forgotten us.

While we didn’t mention it on the show, we will now: therein lies the danger of the shallow “feel-good” theology of so many popular TV preachers. If our standing with God is determined by how we feel on any given day, then we’re on very shaky ground. No wonder there are so many broken and hurting people who’ve fallen away from the faith.

Other topics: President Obama’s betrayal of his liberal base; political chess in the Persian Gulf; and a fascinating article Sharon found that argues for Christ’s Second Coming at the very next Pentecost — which is this coming Saturday, May 31!

For more information on the Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural conference June 6 with Russ Dizdar, Lynn Marzulli, and Gary Kah, click here.

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