P.I.D. Radio 1/27/08: L. A. Marzulli — The Texas UFO and the Luciferic Deception


The credible reports of a large hovering craft in south Texas prompted us to ask Dr. Lynn Marzulli back to P.I.D. Radio to discuss his book, Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural: The Coming Great Deception and the Luciferic End Game.

L. A. spoke with one of the witnesses in Texas earlier in the day and shared his impressions of what happened there and the (non-)response of Christian churches in the area. L. A. explains why this is a preview of the coming “great deception”.

A late addition, not in the show: Scottish evangelist Catherine Brown posted this to the Elijah List in December:

Texas, USA–received on 11-11-07
I see Texas ablaze and a stunning star, like the star from the east rising over the land. I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying to: “Watch for cosmic signs and wonders in Texas.” He said there will be a cosmological phenomenon that scientists cannot explain, and the media will carry as front-line news.

People will begin to ask about “the Light.” They will remember the Child in the manger; the Lord is calling His Church to tell them about the Child in the manger and the Man of the Cross. For a period of four months–from Christmas to Easter–there will be a window of opportunity for salvations, signs, healings and wonders in Texas, and this season of extraordinary favor and grace will manifest and be confirmed in unusual cosmic occurrences.

We’re not believers in the alleged “prophecies” posted to the Elijah List, far too many of which never come to pass, but a newspaper columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram took note of Brown’s vision. Sadly, if L. A. Marzulli is correct, Christian churches aren’t offering any answers to questions about “the Light” over Stephenville.


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2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 1/27/08: L. A. Marzulli — The Texas UFO and the Luciferic Deception

  1. Taylor Kent

    I have been considering do a series on why the supernatural should be important to Christians on Snark Infested Waters. If I do, I definately want to get Lynn Marzulli on as a guest.

    Thanks for the great interview!


  2. Dave Cunningham

    I really enjoyed this interview with Lynn Marzulli . I run a website for my father on this topic. He had a prophetic word over him when he was younger that he would receive a message from the Lord that wouldn’t be received by many. He has been studying this topic for over 35 years now. He use to run his on local radio show on this topic and if you ever need someone to fill some airtime on this subject im sure he would be willing to come on. The website is http://www.thestrongdelusion.com

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