P.I.D. Radio 8/27/06: NBAF, NAFTA, and the NSA


Well, Columbia, Missouri’s Little League team didn’t make it to the world championship, but they gave it a good run. Meanwhile, we’re looking at the possibility that Columbia might host a new Homeland Security BSL-3 and BSL-4 lab to study anthrax, West Nile, foot and mouth, and other infectious diseases that could be used in ‘agro terror’.

We’d rather watch baseball.

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  1. Christie

    Thanks, Derek, for providing the link on the Piercing the Darkness message board, to this show you both did back on 2006, concerning the deaths of those two poor ‘whistle blowers’–I had forgotten about that–it’s very chilling to realize what happened to them–but, after seeing Steve Quayle’s list of ‘dead scientists’, I don’t believe any sort of skullduggery that can be done, by those who want to shut others up, can ever surprise me again.

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