P.I.D. Radio 9/16/23: Aliens in Mexico


JOURNALIST JAIME MAUSSAN is back in the news after presenting what he called “non-human” mummies to a congressional committee in Mexico investigating UFOs.  

We thought Maussan’s history of promoting hoaxes would have made investigators think twice before inviting him to speak. But it’s just part of the growing number of UFO/UAP stories in the news cycle, like the nothingburger NASA report released this week, intended to distract us from something else. 

What are the bigger stories we’re supposed to ignore? Possibly the impeachment investigation of President Joe Biden, or the escalation of the war in Ukraine as the US agrees to supply longer-range missiles capable of striking deep inside Russian territory. 

Also: Steven Greer wants to take over top-secret sites with “non-human” craft and technology; EC President von der Leyen says the future is digital ID, and those who refuse it will be excluded from society; Chicago’s mayor wants to set up city-owned grocery stores; and New York City’s mayor says cost of immigration to reach billions. 

Here’s Jamie Walden’s video about the miraculous healing of his son, Finley: 

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