P.I.D. Radio 6/3/23: The Shoggoth and the Keyhole of Death


THE KEYHOLE is a symbol used to connect this world to the unseen realm all over the world. The symbolism may seem obvious to us today, representing a lock that opens a door between realms, but why was it so prominent thousands of years ago? 

A recent study discovered that the keyhole-shaped tombs of Japan called Kofun, which date to the 3rd through 7th centuries AD, are oriented toward the sunrise. This probably shouldn’t be a surprise since Japan is poetically called the Land of the Rising Sun. 

However, the keyhole is also prominent at Phoenician sites around the Mediterranean as the symbol of the goddess Tanit, consort of Baal Hammon. The two were the equivalent of Rhea and Kronos of Greece and Asherah and El of Canaan. Tanit literally means “dragon lady,” which is consistent with Asherah’s nickname, Lady-Who-Treads-on-the-Sea-Dragon. 

Note the friendly smiley face on the AI Shoggoth being trained with RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback).

We also discuss a very modern keyhole connecting our world with the unseen realm, artificial intelligence. A tech writer for The New York Times this week noted that AI researchers have adopted the Shoggoth, an amoeba-like monster created by horror writer H. P. Lovecraft a century ago, as a meme representing the unforeseen terrors that artificial intelligence could unleash on an unsuspecting public. 

Also: The martyrs of Uganda; megaliths in the Holy Land; aliens on Enceladus; and police kindly request you do not wrestle the black bear roaming the streets of Salem, Missouri.

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