P.I.D. Radio 10/31/15: Spooky Asteroid and Comet Cocktails


spooky-asteroidAN ASTEROID will fly by Earth on Halloween at only 1.3x the distance of the Moon. If that wasn’t eerie enough, the asteroid, nicknamed “Spooky”, has been identified by astronomers as a dead comet — and it just happens to look like a human skull.

Also: Comet Lovejoy spews alcohol and sugar into space; robots that can read your emotions; IS claims responsibility for tragic Russian airliner crash; insect-sized drones; and Putin positions Russia as the defender of Christendom.

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1 comment on “P.I.D. Radio 10/31/15: Spooky Asteroid and Comet Cocktails

  1. Byron


    Hi folk’s – listen, you both are a breath of fresh air & have wondered, who would fill their shoe’s? Well, the Gilbert’s for sure!
    *you might want to put this letter on the back burner?!

    Some years back this John Todd (back in the 70’s – we didn’t learn of him til the 90’s w/Chuck Harder or Cooper) fellow had spelled the beans on a sizable club – whats weren’t clear to me if the stuff about the pedophilia was just some bs by the ill-loons or not. The reason I ask, Todd said some things about Chuck (the late) Smith & Graham, along w/a whole bunch more but, if it’s true John was doing that stuff it makes one wonder of what he said about Billy & Smith – I do not believe that about Chuck Smith or even Graham.

    The show you all are doing on the dark knight really caught my ear – some has said theirs an ‘ark’ (Covenant) connection – I’ve wondered about even a Rapture connection, no, haven’t wondered to much on the Rapture one, but I strongly believe we’ll hear Christ Jesus trumpet like sound Very soon!
    Also the LHC seems like it got out of control (momentarily) back in July of this year – the talk of a continue-ism of pandemonium, the devil like loud obnoxious noise – no doubt the Lake of Fire will have plenty of that for eternity & 1 day for that dung heap!

    God love
    ya both


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