P.I.D. Radio 8/10/14: Preparing for Ebola


Survive the Coming Storm: Ebola CrisisIF LIBERIAN Patrick Sawyer had stayed strong enough to travel for a few more days, the eight health care workers who died in Lagos, Nigeria might have been in Minneapolis. Ebola hasn’t spread to the West yet, but Sawyer is a sobering reminder that the deadly virus is just one plane ride away from almost anywhere.

Ray Gano, publisher of Prophezine, joins us to discuss his new e-book Survive the Coming Storm: Ebola Crisis–A Prepper’s Guide on How to Prepare for a Killer Global Ebola Pandemic and Treat at Home. The book, available in Kindle format, is a common sense guide to practical steps we can take to prepare ourselves, our families, and our homes for the spread of Ebola or any other potential pandemic.

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  1. Thomas Bates

    So sad that Comments are closed on View From the Bunker site since i wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful interviews and shows. I listen to you as i work on my graphic design at work and it relaxes me. I am revisiting the older podcasts on my iPod through iTunes. Thank you Derek for all your hard work and for your great wisdom. I like when you tell me how to build a watch. You have a great range of knowledge and I love how you link it to how to look at it through the lense of Jesus Christ.

    Thank you for your ministry 🙂

  2. Joy

    I’m revisiting this episode and taking notes this morning! Thank you for this! Did you guys try making Kambucha?

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