P.I.D. Radio 6/22/14: Spiritual Tipping Point


EggSOMETHING HAS changed in the last couple of years, and it feels as though we in the United States–and maybe the nations of the world in general–are on the downward side of a spiritual tipping point. Another mainline Christian denomination has just affirmed homosexual marriage, and earlier this year business owners in New Mexico and Colorado were told they had to provide services for ceremonies against their wishes, even though they believe gay marriage is contrary to scripture.

Meanwhile, transhumanism continues to move into the mainstream. The worldview of the transhumanist movement, to put it simply, is 180 degrees from that of Christianity.

And the situation in the Middle East continues to take a heavy toll on the oldest Christian communities in the world. At least the mainstream media has finally taken notice that areas evangelized in the first century have basically been cleansed of Christians — by militants armed by the United States and its allies.

Also: PCUSA divests from Israel; free will an illusion, says science; Google invests half a billion dollars in a startup company that makes home surveillance cameras; and a discussion of the lateness of the hour.

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4 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 6/22/14: Spiritual Tipping Point

  1. Sheila Horn

    Great broadcast! You two covered so much. I would like to believe there is hope for our nation,our world.But I have been saying this for quite some time now…We are in the Valley of Decision. I think of the sheep and goats. I think of “Whom will you serve?”. I think of “no other idols before you”. So here we are in the 21st century and we are able to do practically everything on our own. Why would we need the Creator and the Grace and Mercy who is Jesus Christ? Well I am awakened to the the enemy’s scheme and I pray that those that are teetering on the decision line will make the right choice. And I am referring to those who are adopted into the Father’s family,not those other kids down the street who run a muck.
    God bless you two! And Sam 🙂

  2. Joshua

    Hi, dear Derek and Sharon!

    I’m on the other side of the world (ROC) and wanted to confirm the international-ness of the sense that the world has entered a downward spiral. There was a pro-family march over here against the government’s proposed redefinition of family and about 300,000 people showed up. But not only did the mass media falsely report the numbers (one even saying just 10,000 with a badly, intentionally cropped picture), the government went ahead and redefined the family in its law books anyway.

    And not only do I honestly sense a speed increase in time as you both mentioned in this show, I don’t know how much longer the world can shake its collective fist at God and think everything will be fine. Interestingly, there is some talk and controversy in Puerto Rico over this very thing; a gentleman, Efrain Rodriguez, there has been on national television saying that FEMA, NASA, and the various governments of the world know of an imminent external threat to the Earth (NEO), but have chosen to prepare for it covertly and NOT reveal this information to the public for fear of the chaos that would result. He is claiming that it is a direct judgment of God, Who also revealed to him and others precise details about it… and it will happen within the next six months (though he has been preaching this message for nearly 5 years).

    I’m not saying I believe it, though I have been working to verify the claims for the past 3 months. There may be something that happens to wake humanity from its technology-induced trance. Since the gentleman gave listeners two definite time limits, we can see whether or not he is a false prophet.

    Just FYI fir you guys and the listeners because I care…

  3. Derek Post author

    Thanks for your note, Joshua. We have heard similar claims of imminent disaster from the sky numerous times over the last ten years, but as you say, the dates always pass with no change. Isn’t it interesting, though, that the government, via the military, has been playing with social media to see how it can be used to guide our thoughts and emotions into desired channels?

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