P.I.D. Radio 4/29/13: After Boston


Boston MarathonWHILE THE bombing at the Boston Marathon may not have been a false flag event, it certainly had an interesting influence on the political discussion.  Sen. Rand Paul, who staged a 13-hour filibuster in protest of the Obama administration’s use of drones to kill American citizens, said in an interview that he could possibly support the use of drones for police work in American cities.

Meanwhile, news that the Syrian government may have used chemical weapons on its own citizens brings the United States closer to war in the Middle East.  Also: Deadly H7N9 flu spreads through China.

We also talk about the passing this week of groundbreaking researcher and writer Sue Bradley.  Find the archive of here articles here.

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5 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 4/29/13: After Boston

  1. Ric Fehr

    you guys slay me. After a day ministering to so many you make me laugh. I enjoy being a pastor but after a day of giving sitting back and listening to you guys and laugh and think and am blessed. Plus the movie references are a huge plus. love it it is a good work, thank you.

  2. Ric Fehr

    I am a little tired, but I wanted to share how you bless me with who you are thank you guys.

  3. Michael

    Thanks for some new content, been looking for you guys way before Boston. Keep up the good work.

  4. Christie C.

    I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t come back here to check for your new programs, so I’m glad I didn’t miss anything:) I always enjoy listening to you both–you make me smile allot.:D Especially now that things seem to be so very serious most of the time.
    I appreciated your advice not to jump to conclusions concerning the possibility of false flags being perpetrated to help along the push for gun control, and the possibility of the gov’t wishing and hoping for an excuse to institute martial law–this president however seems to have given himself far more power to interfere in our lives via fiat, by signing the powers into existence all by himself behind our backs.
    I was very sorry to hear about Sue Bradley passing away–I was thinking of her not long ago, and hoped to find out any news about her–so finding that she’s no longer with us was startling to me–I knew she had been extremely ill for a long time, and I had been exchanging emails with someone who had been helping her with her research awhile back.
    She will really be missed, even though I never met her personally, because her articles were priceless sources of well thought-out researc,h along with her valuable insights on that research. She is now with the Lord, so, since it was His decision to call her home at this time, and since He knows what’s best for us all, we can’t be long-faced for very long when realizing that fact.:) TY for the linking to her work.
    TY to both of you, and God bless.

  5. Allen

    I have thought that you guys stands for truth. The Boston bombing was all staged in hollywood manner. No one died.

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