P.I.D. Radio 9/18/12: Innocence of Muslims

Innocence of Muslims

Should be titled Absence of Production Values

WE ARE expected to believe that the trailer for an amateurish film offensive to Muslims has resulted in widespread unrest in the Middle East and the deaths of four Americans, including our ambassador to Libya.

Yeah, right.

Also: China vs. Japan; another “zombie apocalypse” incident; Abbas considers revoking Oslo Accords; and the Federal Reserve Bank’s police force.

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3 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 9/18/12: Innocence of Muslims

  1. Cassius

    Muslims did not have Jesus killed. Muslims did not murder, oppress and
    steal the Land from the Palestinians. There is another “Tribe”, however,
    that did, and does, all of those things.

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