P.I.D. Radio 9/2/12: A Post-Israel Middle East?


Netanyahu and ObamaTHERE IS never a dull week in the Middle East.  We learned that a draft report commissioned by the intelligence services of the United States recommends preparing for “a post-Israel Middle East.”  We also learned that a high-ranking Navy officer in 2007 wanted to provoke Iran into a warDoctor Strangelove-style.  Meanwhile, the USS Stennis battle group sailed for the Persian Gulf yesterday from San Diego, four months earlier than originally planned, reportedly due to increasing tensions with Iran.

Moon coronation

Sun-Myung Moon’s “coronation” at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, March 23, 2004

Also: Sun-Myung Moon dies (see story on his bizarre coronation ceremony attended by members of Congress); banksters go free; and families of Aurora, Colorado shooting victims are upset at how money raised is being disbursed.

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2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 9/2/12: A Post-Israel Middle East?

  1. MacBook

    Have you heard about Ron Paul’s alleged 4000 Nephilim babies he delivered? Transgenic program perhaps? Which makes his anti-abortion policy a little too convenient. And Chuck Baldwin, supposed “Baptist” minister never supported Operation Iraqi Freedom. Sounds like 2 anti-government anarchists to me.

  2. Dan Nieman

    Always enjoy the podcast! Your internet problems sound like you may have Cable One. We seem to have little glitches with it at work. Again keep doing great work. Blessings!

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