P.I.D. Radio 5/1/11: Time Speeding Up


SCIENTISTS ARE reportedly panicking over the disturbing discovery that the rate of radiological decay isn’t constant. It appears to fluctuate on a 33-day cycle, which, maybe not coincidentally, corresponds to the rotation of the Sun’s core.

What does this mean?  Well, for one thing, all those dinosaur bones may be a lot newer (or older) than we think.  Also, according to one account, it may mean that time itself is speeding up — giving a new meaning to the term “the quickening”.  (See also this account at Discover News.)

Also: the royal wedding; the beatification of John Paul II; Obama’s birth certificate; the Family Research Council joins forces with the New Apostolic Reformation (correction: Tony Perkins is president of the FRC, not the American Family Association as Derek said during the show); and Rick Joyner hints at a new Spartan-like group of activists called “300” (see the linked clip beginning at about 16:50).

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  1. Tea Ice

    Hmmm… Ever conjugated a supervillian?

    Silence – Dr. Who (infinitive)
    Cylons – BattleStar Galactica (future tense)
    Sylar – Heroes (subjunctive)
    Psyops – First Earth Battalion (present tense) cp. “jedi mind tricks”
    Cyclops – Giants / Titans (past tense) cp. nephelim

    Gotta wonder if they all had the same muse?

  2. Deb

    You and Sharon still don’t get it that Catholics don’t worship saints. We ask the saints for their prayers and intercession as we believe they are in heaven and can still pray for us. They are still part of the church and the body of Christ. You have no objection to Christians asking other Christians to pray for them on this earth. In the same way, We believe that the saints, because they are in heaven with Jesus, can also pray for us. We are not praying or worshipping “dead” people. Please get your facts straight!

  3. Christie C.

    The Washington monument=”The national wiener”?!–I thought I’d never stop chuckling over that one! Good show, Derek and Sharon–and, I’m so glad you brought up that subject concerning time, because lately I’ve heard so many people comment on whether time, itself, didn’t seem to be speeding up, or something–and, I’d even wondered about that, myself–I know time, apparently, according to studies done, seems to go by faster to the elderly, [and with children it supposedly goes by very slowly–which probably explains why it seems that, to kids, a “day is like a thousand years”, and vacation time will never get here, lol]–and, I know I’m now in my early 60’s, but honestly, it’s like the days are flying by so fast now, that there almost isn’t time enough to squeeze in 3 full meals per day–it’s as though I blink and the whole day is just gone–so, just maybe, there might really be something to that idea?–well, the Lord did say that, if “those days were not shortened, no flesh would be left alive”–and, even though it’s believed that He was speaking about the days during the tribulation period of 7 years, I am just wondering if our heavenly Father might not have meant He would accomplish that even during the time of the ‘birth pangs’, leading up to the beginning of the tribulation period, as well? Fascinating subject, though–thanks, again, for bringing it up!

  4. Tea Ice


    You point about getting departed saints to pray for you is interesting. Do you also confess you sins to them instead of a priest?

    ” 13 Is anyone among you suffering? Then he must pray. Is anyone cheerful? He is to sing praises. 14 Is anyone among you sick? Then he must call for the elders of the church and they are to pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord; 15 and the prayer offered in faith will restore the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they will be forgiven him.

    16 Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. 17 Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain, and it did not rain on the earth for three years and six months. 18 Then he prayed again, and the sky poured rain and the earth produced its fruit.” (James 5, NASB)

    Do you also ask Elijah or Moses to pray for you?

  5. Derek Post author

    Deb, we do get it. It’s simply an unbiblical tradition. Regardless of where one draws the line on the definition of “worship”, there is no basis for venerating, praying to, or asking help from dead people. We have no intercessor or mediator in heaven except for Jesus Christ.

  6. Earnest Seeker


    I had similar problems with the last podcast. It’s interesting that Derek’s argument is that the practice is “unbiblical.” This statement seems to be a tacit promotion of sola scriptura (i.e., if it isn’t in the Bible, it isn’t right). Ironically, the doctrine of sola scriptura is nowhere in the Bible either. So, Derek’s argument is really self-defeating.

    The hosts are coming dangerously close to religious intolerance. Plus, they just don’t seem to understand Catholicism. Like I said in my posts for the last podcast, I am not a Catholic or any sort of believer. I am a “earnest seeker” (hence my screen name) and came here to hear what purporting Christians have to say. But, I think I may have come to the wrong place.

    Again, petty differences among Christian sects is one of the things that turns people off to Christianity. They undermine Christianity’s claim to absolute truth. After all, why should anyone suppose that you have the truth when you can’t even agree on who qualifies as a Christian?

    Question for Derek and Sharon… what’s your point? Is it just bashing other sects of your own faith? Is it pushing crazy conspiracy myths? I wouldn’t consider either of these mission statements worthwhile.

  7. Earnest Seeker

    Btw, I have been combing the archives and I find it very ironic that William Kennedy has been a past guest. The guy is a Catholic, for crying out loud! I thought he was the enemy! After all, according to Derek, he’s worshiping dead people!

    I don’t think the hosts are operating with all of their marbles. I know that sounds kind of hash, but all I’ve heard from this show so far is confusion.

  8. D

    Deb & E.S.,

    The reason it is unbiblical to pray to “saints”, or ask departed Saints to “pray” for you, is because the Bible very clearly teaches that the dead, whether they died as believers or not, cannot hear you

    The act of seeking to communicate with the dead is strictly forbidden in scripture, and it is actually a practice very closely associated with the occult (“necromancy”). It is not some minor issue of disagreement!

    It should also be noted that the fact that Catholics don’t believe they’re “worshipping” saints doesn’t really prove anything. Hindus don’t believe they’re actually worshipping demons when they pray to their pantheon of “gods”, but yet the Bible clearly tells us that they are!

    The catholics concept of “saints” (i.e. that there is a special elite group of believers who achieve “sainthood”) is simply a semantic reinvention of the Greco-Roman pantheon of “gods”. Even the building the Romans built called the “Pantheon” was simply turned into a “Christian” temple venerating the “saints”!

    Asking your brothers and sisters in Christ on earth to pray for you is a far cry from building a statue of them and asking them to intercede for you in heaven! Only Christ can do that…

  9. Gonny

    In response to Deb, I think the point Sharon and Derek was making about catholics worshipping the dead or saints is pretty spot on. Not that I disagree with you since the catholic friends I have would say the same that they’re asking for intercession. But again, the danger lies in the fact that when you are bowing your head in prayer to a saint, you are tip toeing in the area of seeking communication with the dead. Please understand that this is not a judgemet towards the saint or to Catholics and I think Sharon and Derek allude to that. Why not pray to Jesus Christ directly as stated in the bible?

    Your analogy of asking other Christians to pray for you, I get your point. But there is a difference between a prayer request and actually praying to a saint who has passed on to intercede on you behalf. Again I think the point was that we should not be seeking the dead whether we believe they are in heaven or not. We don’t pray to angels either.

  10. Earnest Seeker


    Again, you’re stating that it’s “unbiblical,” thereby implying a strict adherence to sola scriptura. From ym studies in comparative religions, I never once found sola scriptura in your canon. You’re basing your claim on a doctrine that is self-defeating. There are Christian traditions that precede the actual codification of the canon. Who is to say that this isn’t one of them?

    I’m repeating myself, but what the heck… it sounds like you’re just looking for a reason to hate other members of your own faith. You’re basically proving guys like Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins right.

  11. Earnest Seeker

    And, again… What the heck are Derek and Sharon doing inviting a Catholic (e.g., William Kennedy) on their program while simultaneously maligning the guest’s faith? None of you have problems with this?

  12. Paul Collins

    Earnest Seeker and Deb,

    My brother and I have had similar problems with the Gilberts for years now. Derek has even tried to re-engineer our research to fit the bizarre narrative he has constructed. Trying to reason with them will come to nothing. Trust me, I know first hand.

    There are genuine researchers into deep politics and then there are those who just take bits and pieces of legitimate and illegitimate sources and construct their own meta-narratives with them. The Gilberts fall into the latter category. They took our work over dominionism and tried to use it to put together a witch-hunting crusade that promotes Christians becoming docile, effeminate little pussycats. A Christian that simply works to restore the rule of law gets unfairly painted as a “dominionist” by these two. And Christians that have imbibed some aspects of dominionism but are still fundamentally good people get label evil conspirators in a monolithic dominionist conspiracy by the Gilberts. We told the Gilberts to not use our research to promote such crap, and an ugly parting of ways ensued.

    Ecumenism of a universalist stripe is wrong; I’m sure that both of you would agree with that. A ecumenism of orthodoxy, however, is completely acceptable. The Gilberts will never understand or see that, however. If you don’t accept their fringe fundamentalism, with its bizarre gnostic and crude anti-statist and anarchist elements, you’re a deceive sinner who is lost. That is the way they see you and you’ll never be able to “confuse them with the facts.”

    One day, the Gilberts will finally realize that they are overmatched by the topics they address and they’ll move on to something else. For now, we just have to tolerate their ridiculous attempt to build a conspiracy cottage industry using half-truths, lies and innuendo.

    Paul Collins

  13. Paul Collins

    Have you also noticed that Derek will attack certain Christians as “heretics” but then he turns around and watches Dr. Who and other geeky fanfare on the SyFy Channel that are loaded with gnostic and humanist elements.

    That’s certifiable heresy, but he doesn’t raise a word of protest. So if it has entertainment value to Derek, I guess it gets a pass.

  14. The Dude

    Well the PID crazy bus has just left the station to go on another ride of delusion. Their president produces a long form birth certificate and the good people at Peering Into Delusion now think its a forgery.

  15. The Dude

    Collins brothers verbal fantasy should not be mistaken for real research either…they are so far out on the fringe as to be irrelevant.

  16. Paul Collins

    The Dude,

    I hope you are not referring to our research as “fringe” or “verbal fantasy.” Our articles show that we use primary source documentation and that we are careful to point out when we are speculating. But I assume you meant the Gilberts.

    I never bought the birther insanity. Seemed too much like a campaign to destabilize the presidency. What Obama produced should end the debate.

  17. Earnest Seeker

    The Dude,

    I ain’t on any crazy bus. I didn’t even buy a ticket.

    I’m just asking questions. Some of the things that hosts have said really don’t add up. That doesn’t make me a birther.

    If you remember the thread of comments for the last show, I agreed with your criticisms of the PID analysis of Bell. Does the fact that you raised questions with the show make you a birther, too?

  18. Paul Collins

    I don’t see how our work can be classified as “verbal fantasy.” First of all, it’s not all conveyed orally. There was our podcast and our appearances on a variety of shows. But the majority of our work appears in written form. There’s our book, of course. Then, there’s our articles at http://www.conspiracyarchive.com.

    Whether our work is relevant or not… well, that’s determined by its substance. I will point out that several forecasts we made proved accurate. Serious researchers such as Dennis Cuddy, Michael Corbin, et. al. also complimented the work. Former NYPD Detective Jimmy Rothstein, who has had more than his share of experience in the world of intelligence, thought we were, for the most part, on the right track. Those endorsements are good enough for me.

    You should lay off the herbal refreshment, Mr. Lebowski.

  19. Paul Collins

    Whatever “the dude” (or whatever his real name might be) says about the work produced by my brother and myself is really tangential.

    I think the important point is that the Gilberts are doing people a disservice by presenting anti-Catholic and anti-American ideas, and bizarre interpretations of Bible prophecy as “cutting edge content from a Christian worldview.” They are irresponsible and people need to take them to task whenever they say something that doesn’t add up.

    I, for one, am glad to see people are finally doing just that.

  20. Earnest Seeker

    Well, I am still waiting for answers to my questions. Maybe I should ask them again…

    Using the adjective “unbiblical” to describe the practices of a fellow sect of your faith implies that you subscribe to sola scriptura (i.e., the rejection of any doctrines and practices that do not appear in the Bible). But, ironically, sola scriptura appears nowhere in your own canon. How do you resolve this contradiction?

    If you’re going to bash another sect of your faith, how can you claim that Christianity contains absolute truth? You guys can’t even agree on who a real Christian is. Doesn’t this just support what guys like Hitchens and Dawkins have been saying?

    Why did Derek and Sharon have a practicing Catholic (William Kennedy) on their show while they simultaneously bash Catholics?

    And, the $1 million question… how does any of the stuff you talk about on these shows contribute to non-believers’ understanding of your faith? Isn’t that the real purpose of a ministry? I don’t see how expressing religious intolerance and discussing dubious urban legends will “win the lost.”

    I’m just asking honest questions, people. All I want are some honest answers.

  21. Paul Collins

    Earnest Seeker,

    In support of what you are saying, Scripture itself denies sola scriptura in 1 Cor 11:2, 2 Thess 2:15, and 2 Tim 1:13-14; 2:2.

    And the Gilberts don’t seem to grasp that Christianity can actually baptize a day and empty it of its pagan substance. Christmas and Easter are two good examples. So why try to suggest that the beatification of a deceased pope somehow constitutes a stealth celebration of Beltane?

    The Gilberts also tried to hijack Michael Corbin’s legacy, even going as far as to entertain vulgar conspiracy theories concerning his death in 2008. Corbin was a devout Roman Catholic. So Kennedy’s guest appearances are not the only contradiction these two need to provide an answer for.

  22. Paul Collins

    Earnest Seeker,

    He was a radio show host I worked with for six years. His specialty was investigative journalism. The Gilberts didn’t let their intolerance towards Catholics prevent them from taking some of Mike’s program elements without giving him credit.

    They seemed to stir the pot of theories surrounding Mike’s death, which ticked me off because Mike was a close friend. Mike was a smoker who had obesity problems. He died from a massive stroke, which should have surprised no one. When I spoke about Mike’s passing with Jimmy Rothstein, who acted as a criminal justice consultant to Mike’s show, he stated that the circumstances of the death overwhelmingly pointed to natural causes.

    The Gilberts set up a site that was supposed to be a tribute. You look at it, however, and there is a section entitled “Mysteries Surround Michael’s Death.” One of Mike’s associates who was having a hard time coping with the loss may have contributed to this section. It was her way of dealing with the whole thing. The Gilberts, however, seem to be taking advantage of the situation in order to build their conspiracy cottage industry.

    I acknowledge the fact that covert forces are at play in the world today, essentially manipulating social change. But not everything is a hexagonal conspiracy. Mike’s death, though tragic, was natural causes. Nobody should have been allowed to capitalize on it, especially two people who never even spoke to the man.

  23. D

    “Ernest Seeker”,

    If you disagree on the basic doctrine of “sola scriptura”, then it baffles me why you would expect to agree on much else with either the Gilberts, myself, or anyone else who believes that the Word of God is the only authority for Truth…

    If you are insisting on finding a verse in the Bible which actually uses the term “sola scriptura”, then you will of course never find it, since when the N.T. was written it was not written in Latin!

    But the Bible unquestioningly does teach that there is no other source of authority for believers in Christ. The term “sola scriptura” is simply a short-hand way of refering to this teaching which we find througout the Bible…

    This is not because I or anyone else is “looking for a reason to hate people within my own faith”. It is a simple recognition of the fact that people who put themselves under the authority of the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church are at odds with those who do not. You can lump them all together because they all claim the word “Christian”, but that word alone does not mean we believe the same things!

  24. Earnest Seeker


    Thanks for responding. But, we still have problems

    “If you are insisting on finding a verse in the Bible which actually uses the term “sola scriptura”, then you will of course never find it, since when the N.T. was written it was not written in Latin!”

    I never said I was looking for a verse with the Latin term “sola scriptura.” I said that there are no passages in the canon, as far as I can tell, that state that the Bible is the sole authority. And, historically, Christians engaged in certain practices long before the codification of their canon. Who is to say that Catholic practices aren’t among those?

    Besides, I notice that Derek and Sharon talk a lot about the Book of Enoch. That’s not an officially recognize part of your canon, but they pay credence to its claims. Why the double standard?

    “But the Bible unquestioningly does teach that there is no other source of authority for believers in Christ. The term “sola scriptura” is simply a short-hand way of refering to this teaching which we find througout the Bible…”

    Could you supply some specific passages from your canon to verify this claim?

    “You can lump them all together because they all claim the word “Christian”, but that word alone does not mean we believe the same things!”

    Then, why should I believe you when you say that you’re a Christian? Do you see what I mean? It’s a vicious circle. The same sort of rhetoric was used to justify the Thirty Years’ War and we all know how bloody that was. You’re just confirming what Dawkins and Hitchens have said about religion… it’s just divisive and hateful.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the spiteful way that Hitchens and Dawkins look at religion. While I don’t have a faith, I don’t think that having one necessarily makes you proponent of holy wars. But, can you see where what you’re saying actually confirms that view?

  25. The Dude

    Personally I think the Collin brothers are showing extremely poor taste in their constant tirade against the Gilbert’s.

    May I suggest they get their own website or blog to make your views known.

    Disagree with their ideas but stop attacking them personally….or better yet go away and post some were else.

  26. The Dude

    Earnest Seeker…sorry never meant to indicate any ill will to you….not at all.

  27. Paul Collins


    So, it’s “poor taste” to cite serious credibility issues with the show hosts?

    You need to distinguish between what constitutes a “personal attack” (ad hominem) and what constitutes questioning credibility.

    A personal attack would have been a statement like: “Derek has a stupid haircut.” I made so such statements.

    I merely cited instances during which Derek appropriated the work of others on behalf of dubious personal biases. Those instances are very important because they undermine the veracity of the claimant.

    You have no frame of reference for your statements. Have you dealt with the Gilberts on a personal level? I have dealt with them on a personal level for years and they incessantly pulled stunts that called their credibility into question. You’re out of your element, Dude.

    And, I noticed you could cite no instances where our research qualified as “fringe.” Did you even read any of it?

    And, if our work did qualify as “fringe,” perhaps you should ask yourself why you mindlessly defend the Gilberts. After all, they invited us on their show several times. So, aren’t you defending the promoters of “fringe” research.

    Ironically, our very derision for “fringe” research was one of the things that drove a wedge between us an the Gilberts. They wanted to affirm questionable presuppositions and they tried to use our work, particularly over Dominionism, to do it.

    But, you are right about one thing… I do need to go somewhere else. There is nothing of genuine didactic value on PID Radio anymore.

  28. Earnest Seeker


    Apology accepted. And, I thought your “Peering Into Delusion” jab was kinda funny.

    I just wish that I could get some decent answers to my questions. This show really doesn’t seem to have any.

    I don’t know much about the misgivings between the Collins brothers and the Gilberts. The way I see it, I wasn’t in the middle of it, so I can’t take sides.

    But, I do think Paul has point about credibility. We shouldn’t take claims like the ones the Gilberts make at face value. I mean, on what basis can the Gilberts even insinuate that Catholics are celebrating Beltane? A date? I don’t think so.

    I hate to sound pessimistic, but I think I am wasting my time here. People are more interested in grinding axes than giving honest answers. Catholics are satanists? The Washington Monument is a penis? After hearing this junk, I’m more confused than before.

  29. Tea Ice

    “Christ Is Our Example

    21 For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps, 22 WHO COMMITTED NO SIN, NOR WAS ANY DECEIT FOUND IN HIS MOUTH; 23 and while being reviled, He did not revile in return; while suffering, He uttered no threats, but kept entrusting Himself to Him who judges righteously; 24 and He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.” (1 Pt. 2, NASB)

  30. The Dude

    What starts out as an honest attempt to understand the world around them alternative media ends up becoming cultist in their points of view. They then form little groups of like minded individuals who bash away at others and see evil everywhere. Then the end comes when they start seeing evil with-in the group and then the in fighting starts.

    Ultimately it comes down to two things money and power which are never easily shared.

  31. Derek Post author

    Earnest: Regarding “sola scriptura”. Those who preach a different gospel are anathema (Gal 1:9-10), and we are not to add to or take away from His word (Deut 4:2, Deut 12:32, Prov 30:5-6). That is why scripture is the final authority on matters of faith.

    This is not a fringe fundamentalist belief, but a core doctrine of the Protestant Reformation.

    Regarding William H. Kennedy: we’ve also had non-believers, New Agers, and people whose faith I honestly don’t know on the program. Rather than being inconsistent, maybe we’re a little more open-minded and tolerant than you think.

    Re: the book of Enoch. If you’ve listen to our shows over time, you’ve heard us say that Enoch is not canon, should not be considered as canon, and is useful only insofar as it compliments or amplifies scripture. Where it contradicts the Bible or ventures into topics on which the Bible is silent, then Enoch is to be considered fiction.

    Regarding Michael Corbin: he was the finest talk show host of his day in any genre. The tribute website was set up by Sharon as a favor to a friend of Michael’s. It was intended only to pay tribute to Michael and his legacy, and to help Michael’s family defray the expenses of his funeral. That was the extent of our involvement. Questions about the “mysteries” surrounding his death were raised by that friend. (If you’d like to read how we reported Michael’s death, you can read Sharon’s article from 2008 by clicking here.)

    That friend then chose to accuse me of stealing production elements from Michael’s show, a charge devoid of any basis in reality. (To be specific, even if I had wanted to steal his work, Michael’s program streamed over the Internet at 8 kbps. That is a level of fidelity below that of AM radio. In other words, his production elements would have been completely useless from an audio standpoint.)

    This thread has outlived its purpose and it is hereby closed.

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