P.I.D. Radio 1/7/11: Your Phone is Spying on You


WE LOVE technology, but we’d be naive not to recognize how it’s being used against us.  For example, Apple filed a patent application in August for a phone that monitors its user’s voice print, heartbeat, and facial features — and compares pictures of its surroundings and recordings of a vehicle’s engine with ones in memory! — to determine whether it’s been stolen.

While this sounds like a great security feature, it doesn’t take much imagination to see how useful this is to a national security apparatus that doesn’t need a warrant to download this data from your phone company.

Also: a million pigs buried alive in South Korea; the son of the Shah of Iran commits suicide; and Ted Williams, the prodigal son with the golden voice, returns home.

3 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 1/7/11: Your Phone is Spying on You

  1. somethingrelevantthiswaycomes

    I don’t use cell phones in any capacity. Of course that may be because I am a privacy nut. LOL. Seriously though, using a cell phone of any kind gives a migraine 4 mins. into usage. That is not cool. Good show!

  2. Leslie

    Hello. I’ve been listening to everyone talking about the birds falling out of the sky and the dead fish found all over the world on just about every media source, in both the alternative media and the so-called mainstream media. What I haven’t heard anyone say is that the birds and fish were created on the fifth day by God. Now I don’t know if this has any significance in the scheme of things, but I thought it was an interesting fact. In Genesis 1:20-23, they are the only two type of creatures that were created on the fifth day. Just thought that was interesting since it is these two type of animals involved in this mysterious die off. Thanks.

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