P.I.D. Radio 1/4/11: Judgment Day in May?


WELCOME TO 2011!  Time may be shorter than we think:  a number of Christians, following the lead of a radio host, are convinced that Judgment Day is scheduled for May 21, 2011.

We respectfully disagree. Time is short, yes, but a lot has to happen before we arrive at the Day of the Lord.

Also: mysterious bird and fish deaths; “black alerts” at U.K. hospitals over flu outbreak; angry white (Christian) guys; and Glenn Beck dropped by WOR/New York.

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  2. Mark

    You can always see money grubbing by asking then a few pointed questions and seeing the reaction you get. Here is a set of questions I gave to Mr. Canping and have yet to receive an answer. I suspect that I won’t.

    Funny how the world is ending yet you are still taking donations.

    For the record: Will you stop taking monetary donations till the end of the world? Will you return any and all donations if the world does not end as you have predicted? Will you shut down your radio broadcast and never be heard from again if this prediction fails in its accuracy?



    Mark Bechthold

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  4. Deb

    ****************Prayer Request********************

    Emergency RNN Update: Tom & Nita Horn’s Historic Farm Home Burns To The Ground In Catastrophic Fire Tuesday. Everything From Family Heirlooms To Tom’s Library Of Ancient Books (Including The Enigmatic Item That Was To Be Given Away In Grand National Cipher Challenge) Goes Up In Smoke
    Please keep Tom and Nita Horn in your prayers during this time. Everything they owned in their home was lost, but they are very thankful that besides slight smoke inhalation by Tom, nobody was hurt and the Horn’s have strong faith in God to help them rebuild. They cherish your prayers and friendship and will be back to writing and public speaking after they rebuild. Updates to Raiders may be a bit slow the next few days as we help them comb through the debris and secure temporary housing.

  5. Paul Collins

    Beck’s questionable background aside, I think his contentions concerning Soros’ connection to Wikileaks are going to prove correct.

    Go to Wikileak’s site and check out the advisory board. You’ll see what I mean.

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