P.I.D. Radio 12/13/10: Madness on the Motorway


TWO YEARS ago, a BBC cameraman caught a bizarre scene on tape: twin 40-year-old sisters from Sweden walking along the shoulder of the M6 motorway who deliberately ran into traffic when approached by police. This began a bizarre series of events that led to one of the sisters hospitalized after being run over by a truck and the other stabbing a man to death, running from police while hitting herself on the head with a hammer and jumping from a 40-foot bridge onto another roadway!

And then last month, 29-year old Australian twins who tried to commit suicide together at a shooting range near Columbine High School in Colorado. Just what is going on here?

Also: DHS wants you to spy at Wal-Mart; 13-year-old girl raped and stabbed in California; and judge sides with Virginia against health care reform.

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  2. Teresa

    Greetings brother Derek in the name above ALL names…JESUS!

    Am just now listening to this audio message RE: the twins. I saw the videos on the internet & was totally shocked at what I saw. While watching, the thoughts that came to me were: (1) nephilim hybrids; (2) programmed sleeper assassins. Last night, I read an article that Larry Taylor linked to on his blog [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/From_The_Edge-Alerts/message/16933] titled, ‘James Casbolt | Project Camelot, IBIS Report.’ I encourage to read this lengthy article, as it’s a realy eye opener & I believe ties right in to what took place with these two (women?) or partially human beings.

    Also, after reading, I was led by the Holy Spirit to locate a brief interview that someone did with James Casbolt here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CJ1YIb0HWQ, titled, “Bases 4 Part 1 James Casbolt. & Matt Todd.”

    This also ties in with what Russ Dizdar has been talking about for so long i.e. ‘The Black Awakening’ of which James Casbolt must be a part of because of a statement he makes during the interview.

    That’s all I will say for now.

    May the divine protection of our GOD be upon you & the many who are on the front lines to get the truth out to others!

    I cover in prayer daily these & so MANY others.

    From HIS Heart


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