P.I.D. Radio 12/2/10: Raiders News Live


RATHER THAN repeat ourselves tonight by doing a show and then another show, we’ve decided to just take it on the road and feature the hour we were honored to spend as guests on Raiders News Live with our friends, Tom and Nita Horn — and, of course, the “Wild Man of the Ozarks”, Joe Ardis.

Tom and company pretty much gave us free rein to discuss today’s NASA “astrobiology” discovery, the proposed Edgar Mitchell/Billy Meier forum, alien disclosure, the alleged Gulf of Aden stargate, transhumanism, pandemics, and our panoptic society. It’s a wild hour, and the high point may be Sharon’s speculation about why DARPA’s X-37B space drone has been orbiting Earth for nine months.

2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 12/2/10: Raiders News Live

  1. RogerV

    NASA was highly disingenuous on their arsenic bacteria announcement. These bacteria do not consume arsenic in their natural state. They were taken into a lab and force fed arsenic to see what happens. So if not too much arsenic was used, then they’d start to replace phosphorous with arsenic and continue surviving. It still remains that there is no living creature in a natural state on Earth that metabolizes using arsenic. NASA’s announcement was exceedingly overblown, and actually rather misleading in how it was presented.

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