P.I.D. Radio 11/30/10: That Old-Time UFO Religion


MORE ON self-proclaimed contactee and “prophet” Billy Meier today, along with a look at Dr. Michael Heiser’s review of Final Events by Nick Redfern.  Mike’s take is similar to ours, although much more scholarly: basically, somebody wants the UFO community to believe Christians are fascists bent on world domination.

Also: Cancun climate change summit; Al Gore leaves limo running for an hour during climate warmist banquet; and airport scanners see everything except the stuff that actually explodes.

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  2. beth vegh

    michael heiser’s so level-headed and you can tell he’s read the biblical texts, inside and out and in the original languages. that description of the way people treat scripture, really drives home the point that half of what we think we know about the bible, just isn’t in there. and the other half, is there, but it may not mean what you are told it means.

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