P.I.D. Radio 11/29/10: The Astronaut and the Plejarans


DR. EDGAR Mitchell is reportedly in talks with the US representative of Billy Meieir for a first of its kind public forum with the famed UFO contactee and “prophet”.  Given that Dr. Mitchell is co-founder of a leading New Age research group, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, we’re not surprised.

Also: Israel finds natural gas in Leviathan; the government spins Wikileaks; and the stargate under the Gulf of Aden.

5 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 11/29/10: The Astronaut and the Plejarans

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  2. wovereene

    Hey guys, just thoughti i would drop a line to ya about absinthe,

    i was at the conference in nashville and got to share a few words with derek, it was small talk but i just have to say “derek i apreciate your sincerity”

    i was a guy that had long hair and a tank top on , anyway i jsut had to mention the absinthe thing, i have drank the absinthe with the wormwood in it and i have to say other than the bitter taste, i saw no “green lady” or anything at that.. if anything it was jsut a strong alcohol beverage not taking as much to feel a little tipsy!…. but i am not advocatiing the use i jsut found it interesting that dr future went on about it as being some crazy hullucinogenic, that was nothing like i experienced, like i said, it was nothing diferent than a strong whiskey or liquor drink…

    i just find it interesting how easily something can be demonized with no reason to be so….

    i love you guys’ show and listen to it avidly, i do have a suggestion for a guest if you are interested,.. jonathan gray. he wrote an awesome book on ancient archaeology called deadmen’s secrets.

    jonathan gray is a christian and i believe he has a ministry for archaeologists, he is very interesting.

    sorry this note is winded but i just wanted to mention a few things to ya….

    look forward to your next show….

    name is “foote”

  3. beth vegh

    i think the connection is “abs”. it’s an old reference to the abyss, as it relates to WORMwood. not sure why it was presented to john the revelator in such a way, nor am i sure if i’m completely correct, but as you remember from “Nibiru and Wormwood,” i don’t think wormwood is a drug or a star that falls.

  4. beth vegh

    p.s. just as a footnote, recall that originally, there were no chapter designations and that the wormwood chapter (chapter 8) is followed by the abyss chapter. these are all connected. wormwood, in the original language is apsinthion (aps=abs, abzu became apsu… the whole dyslexic b/p flip that happened in babylon)

  5. IndyRose

    absinthe today has less than 10mg of thujone per litre, thujone being the active hallucinogenic drug. The question lies if the older form of absinthe was higher in thujone. The addition of alcohol can have a synergistic effect on many drugs, so the higher concentration of thujone in the older form of the drink along with the booze could cause mental problems.

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