P.I.D. Radio 10/18/10: Lucid Dreams


STUDIES SUGGEST that lucid dreams where we control the action are on the rise.  Are we actually dreaming more vividly more often, or are researchers just taking note more often?  And if we’re actually aware of our dreams as they unfold more often than in the past, why?

Also: experts admit link between H1N1 vaccine and Guillain-Barre Syndrome; a patent on artificially derived stem cells; genetically modified mosquitoes; and Monsanto buys Blackwater (not!).

Derek is the guest on Cross Walk Talk tonight at 9:00PM Eastern to discuss his presentation at the Supernatural Science and Prophecy Conference: “Facebook and Antichrist”.

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  2. louann

    Hi, Derek and Sharon,
    I’ve been listening to your radio show for about a year now. Until tonite, I’ve never felt led to comment. You were talking about lucid dreams and I just wanted to share with you one of many i have had. I am a born-again Christian, and have never been involved with the occult. So, when you said that these dreams could (?) be, or are like the ungodly meditations of the cults and false religions, it concerned me, for myself. My dreams are always what i call “warfare” dreams. One for instance, was a few years ago.
    I was hiding in the woods on a cold winter night. I was looking out from the cover of snow covered trees into a small white house. It was beautiful. The warmth of the fire was glowing thru cracks in the walls. This seemed weird to me, but i went on to watch. I could see children playing. They were laughing and dancing. They were so joyful, that it took my attention away from why and what i was there for. I then saw many people surrounding the house. They were all dressed in black. Sort of like ninjas. I knew at that point i had to move in to protect the children! So, i quietly made my way to the door and opened it slightly, as not to scare or startle the children. I walked in and the children saw me, but they didn’t seem curious or concerned with my being there. I quieted them and told them to play hide and seek with me. They were very excited to play. I told them to all hide under the table until i “found” them. I told them to sing “Jesus Loves Me”. Just as they were all under, the door flew open and these “people” came rushing in. They had weapons and i could tell they were ready to use them. I stood my ground and said; “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by His precious Blood I rebuke you.” They vanished in an instant. I woke up and had this great peace come over me.
    I have had many dreams like this. I am seeking the Lord to see if these dreams are from Him or from somewhere or something else. I have tried to research this out. There isn’t any Christian sites that i can find that deal with this. If you have any links I would love if you could send them to me. God bless You Both!! LouAnn McClain

  3. Cherie Seals

    Hi Susan,

    I have been listening to you and Derek for about six months. I have learned much.

    In the late 90’s I had a vision and I wanted to tell you about it.

    I saw a solid looking mask floating in my near visual field. Its eye sockets were pitch black. The mask itself was brightly colored with yellow, orange, red, and blue. The entire mask and all the various colors were outlined in black.

    I heard a male voice say: “My name is Siouxgata.”
    Not only did I hear it, but I also saw it spelled out.

    At that time I did not have a computer so I used an old dictionary. The Indian word “Sioux” means “snake.” At the time I assumed “gata” was some sort of derivation of gate. In a way, I guess I was right because the Holy Spirit brought the vision to mind and I typed in Siouxgata and ran a search. I came up with several things. Gata is a nasty phrase used in Spanish against women. It is an economic abbreviation and then I came to what the LORD had sent me on a quest to find. GATA…has to do with DNA. You being a scientist, I wanted to send this information to you because of its TIMING. At least a dozen years have gone by. But the meaning of the vision comes to light NOW. There is a reason the LORD has shown me this “Snake dna” (Best translation.) I don’t understand GATA and would really appreciate your feed back about the science and any spiritual insight you might have.

    Thank you.

  4. mike

    Hey guys!
    First time commenter here…long time listener. I’m writing concerning the “Lucid Dreams” episode. Yes I’m a bit behind on my episodes…I’m workin on it. Anyways…The show left me a bit on edge. I have placed my trust in Christ nine years ago and yet I have these lucid dreams about once a week (that’s just the ones I remember). These dreams have been occurring for as long as I can remember. I never try to induce them…they just happen. If I need to repent of this, I most certainly will. I never perceived them as something sinful or even supernatural. They always seemed to be a natural and logical result of my figuring out that I was in own my personal dream matrix. Ha ha…got your attention with the movie reference. But seriously folks…They generally happen as follows. I will be experiencing a dream that is too unrealistic. They can start as nightmare, although not always. They just need to have that “glitch in the matrix” feeling. I suddenly look around me in my dream and realize that this world that I’m perceiving, is not real. The next logical step is to realize that this world I’m in resides in my own head. It’s my own matrix. As I work these thoughts through, my dream becomes mine. Yes…I can make events happen in the dream. I can not only control my actions, I can modify the world around me with my thoughts. In this dreamscape, I can think myself onto the beach if I want. It’s like my own personal vacation.
    Have you ever had the dream where you worked a long shift at your daytime job only to wake up and realize not only that your employer won’t pay you for your work sleep time but that now you must actually go to work?…Auuughhhh! Ok….sorry…I sidetrack easily.
    If it’s a nightmare, the first thing I do is remove what scares me. If it’s a silly dream like…the infamous “Hey… what am I doing at school with nothing but my underwear on” dream…well I guess I better gets some clothes on. I hate to admit it but these dreams are a lot of fun. Nearly every time I have one of these dreams, I end up going flying, and hey…why not. I have never experienced anything real-time like an out of body experience where you apparently can see things in reality as they really are. Nothing prophetic happens. I have had some prophetic dreams. For example God introduced me to my wife in a dream the morning before I met her (WOW and YEAH!), but I have never seen the prophetic play out in a lucid dream. I don’t have communications with any beings. I don’t see demons, angels, or anything supernatural. I have had non-lucid dreams where I was visited by grays and outright demons. Praise God, the demons scatter at the name of Jesus even in your dreams.
    I really don’t see any supernatural connection to these lucid dreams and yet, if I am offending God…yikes…I will repent and do whatever it takes to stop these things. Perhaps I should shoot Russ Dizdar an email and ask him about this.
    By the way…I am driving up to Indiana during Christmas and will be about 2 hours from Shelbyville. My wife and I would LOVE to buy you guys lunch one of those days.
    In other news…I am listening to “The God Conspiracy” on my Ipod. Great Plot…well thought out…very creative…love the writing style…researched and just plain fun. I have heard you say that writing is not your calling. Ok…maybe, but you can still see God’s hand in it. Great Job!
    Any ways…I love you guys (and Sam). God Bless you all.

    Mike B

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