6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 10/7/10: Synthetic Genetics

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  2. Mark

    While 15 to 25 mega might sound better, it can’t improve the excellent message that’s coming through loud and clear! Great job!

  3. Tekno geek

    Still using dial-up… the current file size makes it possible to listen as the file downloads and doesn’t take too much space in my ever growing podcast archive. HQ sound is nice, but cost-prohibitive for me.

    Keep those great shows coming !

  4. ChrisB

    You asked for feedback on your audio compression settings. I listen via podcast. Stereo makes no difference,because yours is a talk show but you should try 64kbps mono at 22kHz or 32kHz. This will be a good tradeoff between file size and quality. The last episode “Synthetic Genetics” was encoded at 32kbps, 22kHz, mono and it sounded fine. Anything less than that sounds “tinny” to me.
    Anyway, thanks for the show!

  5. sue

    …my father just passed away 2 weeks ago with a bacteria he got after hip replacement surgery…started out with diahrrea, which he had for 5 weeks…they had him had heavy antibiotics…which did nothing!!!! He just got weaker and weaker. THe hospital had the nerve to say he died of a heart attack. We are so out raged…but the VA, rehab center, and Sierra Nevada Hospital did not want anyone to know he had this bug. My dad was a very active 84 year old, he had a cruise planned for 30 days after his surgery…we do not know where to begin to expose this horrible unjustice.
    Also, they said he was contagious…but for all his appts. he had no special treatment or gear….those taking care of him did not wear masks or gloves!!!

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