P.I.D. Radio 7/26/10: Vampires and Werewolves and Ghosts — Oh, My!



GOD IS clear on the subject of shedding human blood: Don’t. A quick search of the Bible reveals that blood has a spiritual aspect we don’t really understand.  God forbid spilling human blood; many of the Fallen, like Molech, demand it.

So why are so many Americans, from pre-teens to grandparents, fascinated with the mythical creature infamous for its bloodlust — the vampire? And why are so many Christian parents OK with their daughters’ obsession with the Twilight series?

We discuss the pop culture trend that’s transformed yesterday’s monsters into the trans/super/post-human anti-heroes of today.  It’s a phenomenon so powerful that at least one university sociologist calls it the emergence of a new, cult-like hyper-real religion.

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  2. Tea Ice

    Why vampire mania? Or zombies for that matter? The dead consuming the living literally….

    Contrast with Communion. Many following Christ left Him when He said that we should eat his flesh and drink his blood. They also took him literally and missed his meaning. Without a prohibition against drinking blood, many more pseudo-christian cults would have used real blood in their rituals. The blood becomes the fixation instead of He who shed blood for us, Christ as our Passover Lamb.

    Transubstantiation also takes the whole matter literally and misses the point. Same problem with parables and prophetic (spiritual) imagery, divorced from God and Christ. Compare idolatry, by focusing on the apparent, what’s behind it all is missed.

    The other side of course is what Russ Dizdar would point out about ritual sacrifice.

    As for sugarcoating wickedness, we all like engaging stories. I have this ongoing inner debate about whether fiction (and entertainment in general) is an artificial substitute for real relationships? Similar problem as with blood and idols, fixating on the obvious substitute… likewise pornography. All of which artificially stimulate emotional responses. We’re too often junkies for cheap substitutes that bring a temporary fix.

    It takes a lot to tell the life story of one of the missionaries or martyrs. In the general area of “overcoming darkness,” who’s story should be told? If still living, that’s a problem. Perhaps someone like Derek Prince? Perhaps the whole story doesn’t have to be told? As audience, we get a peek into your lives. It’s somewhat one sided of course. It might help to give more backgrounders or bios for your segments, whether interviews or exposés.

    Take for instance Corrie Ten Boom. The last 5 years of her life in her 90s tell an important story (The 5 Silent Years). It works both ways. We need to see those defining moments where the wicked meet their fate and what brought them there — on a personal level. There’s no doubt plenty of material on Rick Warren. Of course, it’s all a bit intense to convey in brief. Hence our penchant for cheap substitutes. But my point is “the story,” which is “engaging,” and framing others within snippets of their life story giving a glimpse of the sweep of their lives.

    Let’s expose the methods of the enemy for a bit. We all know the stories of the ancient roman and greek gods. The point is that we know their stories and character. The True Blood and Twilight and Being Human method today is the same, putting a human face on abomination. Same for Angel and Buffy or Carnivale. As if to say “the wicked aren’t so bad — we all need a friend to trust.” I’m thinking of the Buzzard Song from Jungle Book… “Friends to the end.” Perfect snare for those that grow up starved for relationship buried in media. The bait is the same as gangs offer, a substitute family, with strings attached.

    Look at the names: “Being Human” and “True Blood.” The message and seduction is that the artificial even cartoon life is more real than most of our relationships. It’s a siren’s song.

    How about a couple of shows where you each interview the other. You’re real examples of committed relationship in Christ. I’d hope that extends to other couples in your areas of interest. Why PID for instance? How’d you get into the “coming out of darkness” area?

    (no worries about a long or detailed response or even timely response….)

  3. Phillip D. Collins

    In Monsters From the Id: The Rise of Horror in Film and Fiction, E. Michael Jones writes:

    “Both Christ and Dracula deal with blood and eternal life. Vampirism is, as Renfield makes clear, the antithesis of Christianity. Whereas Christ shed his blood so that his followers could have eternal life, Dracula shed his followers’ blood so that he could have eternal life; Dracula is a reworking of Christianity according to the canons of Social Darwinism. The monster is simply the inversion of Christianity that was taking place throughout Europe as once again the Enlightenment was implemented through one of its pseudo-scientific ideologies. … In a satanic way typical of the reversal of Christian order that the vampire creates, man achieves immortality through immorality and by infecting others—that is, through lust. Christianity exalts love; vampirism—Darwin’s survival of the fittest pushed to its extreme—exalts the hunger of desire.”

  4. Karen

    I just listened to the audio on vampires, werewolves and ghost oh my! I wanted to comment to say you would be shocked (or maybe not) at the number of people in our church and that I read on FB that are “Christians” that are just hypnotised by the Twilight series. My daughter read these books before I really checked them out. However, this actually turned out good because I questioned her about what was in the books and we had a great discussion on shape shifting. I do believe their are very powerful spirits that can manifest into these demonic beings. This stuff is real and should not be messed with at all!!! Before and even after I became a Christian I was drawn to horror movies – the bloodier the better. I loved being afraid. Thank You Jesus for delivering me from this because now I am careful of what I put into my mind and through my eyes. I also have a question and hope someone can answer – are we as humans more drawn to this dark occult world by some type of spirit that is here and working on this earth? This stuff can literally consume a person. Thank you and God bless – and thank you for your time and work on this subject – it needs to be broadcast everywhere!!!!

  5. Damon Duvall

    Have you seen the fake blood for kids to drink? It is souled in Block Buster stores. It comes in little blood bags and says that it is strawberry flavored.

  6. Kevin

    Here are some interesting stuff about Twilght…I know this because I did read the books..and my wife is a Twi-hard. Ive had long discussions with her on the occultic roots of the series…here is what I pointed out from my reading;
    the cover has a apple on it representing “forbidden fruit” which what Bella is to Edward.
    When Edward is exposed to sunlight his appearance is identical to the Luciferic discriptions in Ezekial and Isiah.(Bella calls Edward “her angel”
    Edwards theology…he thinks that his own soul is damned and that he doesnt want to turn Bella for fear of her soul…which Bella insists wont happen.

  7. Kevin

    Cont- You see I dont this stuff is random. I think these movie producers and authors are purposely funded to write and produce this stuff for the Luciferic Masters that run this world. Its all too dilberate and aimed right that the target it wants..the Generation of the Anti-Christ.
    I mean look at the movies that have come out this year…backed up by the TV programing…even the History Channel and Discovery Channel…its ALL occult programming…designed for the Post-Christian world…Were going back to Babylon in a handbasket.
    As for me…I watch ALL of it…gotta know where the enemy is trying to take us.

  8. Kevin

    Sorry…another thing about this Twilight…its not just effecting teenage girls…my wife is 36 and all her friends are of similar age. I read a news report about the Twilight rage is effecting the marriages of 30+ year old women…and with the whole “cougar complex” arising with these women lusting after these younger actors…its sounds wacky but its real.

  9. Sarah

    You guys ought to check out the website:


    This guy who is only 21 has put together over 60 short videos about the link between the music industry and its magical working on our culture. He started this over a year ago. I’ve been following his youtube channel.

    Another interesting website is wwww.thegoodfight.org. His is more christian oriented and he has some good info on some of the older music.

    One more website is http://www.davesweb.cnchost.com/nwsltr93.html

    This guy has put together a fascinating read on the history of laurel canyon and the birth of the hippie generation.

    If you guys know of more websites similar to the ones I listed above, let me know. I love this stuff. Its more validation about Ephesians 6 and the prince of the air

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