P.I.D. Radio 6/13/10: Uzbeks


A NASTY fight in western Kyrgyzstan has destroyed the second largest city in that nation and forced 75,000 ethic Uzbeks across the border in Uzbekistan. We mention this because the Stans are considered by geopolitical experts the key to control of the “Earth Island”, which is itself key to controlling the planet.

Also: the situation in the Gulf of Mexico is worse than we’ve been told; Rahm Emanuel’s rent-free D.C. apartment has BP connection; Javier Solana joins the Trilateral Commission; Microsoft and Google represent at the Bilderberg meeting; Spain pushing for end to Gaza blockade; and Saudi Arabia gives Israel permission to fly over on bombing run against Iran’s nuke sites.

Dr. Michael Heiser has launched a pair on online learning institutes, the MEMRA Institute for Biblical and Ancient Studies and the Institute for Paranormal, Preternatural, and Parapsychological Studies (IPPPS). Registration is open with discounts through mid-September.

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