P.I.D. Radio 12/14/09: Sky Spirals and Twisted Faith


Norway spiral

THE SKY over Norway almost literally exploded December 9, 2009, the night before President Barack Obama arrived in Oslo to receive his Nobel War Peace Prize. Experts claim it was a failed Russian missile test, but the timing seems a little odd.

Also: Rick Warren promotes contemplative spirituality (note: we didn’t mention during the show that Peter Scazzero is now distributing The Daily Office, a Roman Catholic and Anglican practice, through Bill Hybels’ 12,000-church Willow Creek Association); Americans mix spiritual beliefs; the 2012 deception; and author claims he’s found the entry to the Egyptian underworld beneath the pyramids at Giza.

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8 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 12/14/09: Sky Spirals and Twisted Faith

  1. Mike

    About the Norway spiral. This is not a missile test. This is an antenna beam coming from the EISCAT facility i Ramfjordmoen, 10km to the southeast of Tromso. It is similar to the HAARP facility in Alaska. It has a transmitter which is a huge antenna grid on the ground and that transmitter cna be used for ionosphere heating with a power of 1 GigaWatt. When this type of beam is transmitted up into the athmosphere it creates glowing plasmas and it will take on different colors in different layers. This phenomena is nothing secret it is described in many scientific papers that you can find on their homesite. Why they produce this silly coverstory, I don’t know, but they will probably use this facility for sinister purposes in the future. The scientists working there comes from all over the world including Russia and China. We are not in cold war anymore you know…

  2. Mike

    Check this on EISCAT’s own homesite:


    “Marklund, G., T. Karlsson, L.G. Blomberg, P. A. Lindqvist, C.-G. Fälthammar, M.L Johnson, J. S. Murphree, L. Andersson, L. Eliasson, H. J. Opgenoorth, and L. J. Zanetti, Observations of the electric field fine structure associated with the westward travelling surge and large scale auroral spirals, J. Geophys. Res., 103, 4125-4125, 1998″

    They can create “artificial auroras” by beaming energy from the ground and up into the ionosphere. They are writing about it. They are doing it. Still the idiot media don’t get it.

    It’s deliberate. They display a new phenomena and at the same time they come up with a silly coverstory. The message is this; “Don’t trust your own intellect. We know what’s happening. We will explain it to you. Trust our experts. Don’t trust your own mind and reasoning.”

  3. John Gerson

    Meditation from a Hebrew point of view is “muttering,” “rehearsing to oneself under one’s breath,” the Word of God. Not so much even thinking on a portion of the Word of God as saying it and repeating it, consuming it so that one becomes what one eats. The contemplative approach is demonic ultimately, used equally by Mohammed and Inigo de Loyola with similar results. Does Hollywood program viewers with Luciferian religion? Why should we be surprised with this? The Lord Jesus taught that such would be so and certainly the book of Revelation would teach the same.

  4. Dab Buenab

    He Derek and Sharon!
    Enjoyed your references to O Brother, Where Art Thou? The filmmakers were drawing on Homer’s Odyessy http://archives.cnn.com/2001/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/12/review.o.brother/index.html/ Two examples of homeric imagery are The Bible Salesman (John Goodman) as the Cyclops and the “Sireens” down by the river as the Sirens that the crew had to avoid in order to make their voyage.

    Another interesting tidbit is the blind black man that they pick up at the crossroads. This is a reference to Willie Brown, a blues legend who supposedly sold his soul at the crossroads in order to be able to master the guitar. Note Eric Clapton’s song “The Crossroads” http://www.lyricsfreak.com/e/eric+clapton/crossroads_20051297.html/ The writers of the series Supernatural reference this legend in one of their episodes.

    Th;anks for your program.

  5. Anthony

    I wonder if you checked out Pete’s website. He’s got media/interviews he’s done regarding his ministry and he goes into his interpretations of being “emotionally healthy”. I listened to one interview and looked over what the daily office is and there is very little about “opening one’s mind to the universe” and not much similarity to the “eastern” sense of contemplation. The idea of having no-mind or emptying the mind is not stressed, from what I’ve read so far. The essence of the daily office is slowing down, finding silence a couple times of day and focusing on a passage from scripture and finding the meaning of it and it’s application in our daily lives. The connections you’ve conjured are mis-leading. I honestly think so. This dude knew he became a hypocrite in his ministry and realized how easy and emotionally taxing it is for this to happen and is trying to find the path and help others do so. You guys seem so swift to accuse people of being satanic or not true Christians. Beware. Do you have the faith to leave your jobs, not worry about what your going to eat or wear (let alone what Sam wears) and preach the gospel?

    Also how can contemplation be demonic, that seems ridiculous. Yes, there are cultural influences and stereotypes heaped on this term, but most basically it is the English expression for thinking something through. “Con” “temp”, with time. Taking one’s time to understand a subject. If we all had divine judgement at our disposal we wouldn’t need to think any through and would always make the right decision but that isn’t so. Free will in an ever fluctating phenomenal world entails contemplation somewhere at some point or we would constantly find ourselves in bad situations. Every situation which can come up in our everyday lives is not addressed in scripture. Jesus spoke in parables which need to be contemplated to be understood. That was big leap from Pete’s ministry to a particular yogic mediation technique. I’m gonna cool off from commenting so much, but these topics are interesting and I don’t want to seem like I’m harrassing ya’ll. I appreciate your concern for people’s well-being/salvation, your news regarding geopolitics and your committment to the show. For what it is worth have a Merry Christmas.

  6. Anthony

    Oh yeah, I first heard of the spiral from redicecreations.com, which is basically a “New Age” version of your program. I hate to use general terms like that but I believe this is how you would see it. There is an apparently live video of the spiral along with a simulation and explanation of how the missile theory. I asked a friend about it during the weekend and he said he also heard there had been another one sighted over Russia.

  7. Derek Post author

    Anthony, we appreciate your comments and your friendship. Our belief is that if our worldview can’t stand up to scrutiny then it’s not much of a worldview.

    Contemplative spirituality is essentially a deliberate effort to move into an altered state of consciousness, whether it is presented as such or not. Shamans have used meditation and/or various narcotics to alter consciousness in order to commune with the spirit realm for centuries. Humans don’t have the physical hardware or spiritual software to interface properly with the spirit realm, which is why God forbids it. I have no doubt that Mohammed, Aleister Crowley, and scores of New Age channelers truly received messages, but from who and what and to what end is open to question.

    Meditation–i.e., emptying one’s mind–is not the same thing as meditating upon the Word, which means to sit and think about the meaning of a particular scripture or parable. Big difference.

    The Daily Office in itself isn’t a bad concept, except that it’s compiled and handed down by a church hierarchy and then ritualized. Study the Bible every day, yes, but prayer and meditation by rote? That’s a works-based path to salvation.

    Do we have the faith to leave our jobs? If the call came, I think so. Tried it once about five years ago and it turned out badly; seems the call was more my mid-life crisis than an actual calling. But in a sense, Anthony, aren’t we already preaching the gospel? I mean, if we weren’t, would you have any objections to the content of our show?

    Keep your comments coming, brother. We always appreciate people willing to discuss what ought to be the most important topic to everyone in a cordial and evidence-based manner.

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