P.I.D. Radio 11/16/09: Not a Number



THE SPREAD of the pneumonic disease in Ukraine is our top story. As of today, media in the U.K. are reporting over a million infected, and Dr. Henry Niman reports over 300 dead, with possibly related deaths in neighboring Belarus and Poland.

Here’s the link to the website of Ukraine’s Ministry of Health.

Also: KSM on trial in the US; Obama bows to emperor of Japan; and mini-reviews of the reimagined series V and The Prisoner, which we interpret as allegories of events of spiritual significance — namely, the collaboration of natural and supernatural forces to dehumanize the world’s population and produce a one-world government.

Watch full episodes of the original 1960s series The Prisoner at AMC TV online.

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  2. Jason Beck

    Derek, Sharon, & Sam,

    I listened to you Nov 16th podcast at work last night. I have been thinking about the whole torture issue off-and-on for the last couple years and never reached a satisfactory conclusion – until tonight! I got it during your discussion, so here it goes:

    It seems to me that most Christians know deep down that we should not treat *anyone* that way, even (especially?) our enemies. It is clearly not loving or Christ-like. We should be blessing them and praying for them instead. We should do to others (even them) as we want them to do to us, etc.

    Of course, the response to that is: “What if that bad person has information that could save lives? The lives of Americans or even your family!? Is it worth another 9/11 or Pearl Harbor or the leveling of a city for your high and lofty morals? This is the real world and if that person has information, then I’ll beat it out of ’em myself if that is what it takes!”

    I could never get past that “necessary evil” argument until tonight. So, here is my response: “Has our God gone blind? Does He not see that plans of the enemy? Is He mute? Cannot He tell us of the enemy’s schemes? Has our God’s strong right arm shriveled so as to no longer save us from mere men? Our God is not mute, He speaks. Are we listening? He is not weak, He upholds everything by merely the word of His power. Do we take refuge in Him? If we would depend on Him to fulfill the promises of Psalm 91 alone, every terrorist plot would fail before it even began. When King Saul turned away from the LORD, he had to resort to witchcraft by consulting the witch of Endor. We too, having turned away from the LORD have had to resort to the enemy’s own methods to protect ourselves. Thus, we are defeated before we even begin.

    The question is not, “Should we torture?” The question is, “Why are we depending on our own devices and disregarding God Almighty’s promise of protection?” He has proven over and over that His is able and willing. Why are we trying to overcome evil with evil? Either way, evil wins! Instead, we should return to Him as a nation and come back under the shield that had protected us for so many generations. However, even if the nation will not return to Him, we still can as individuals, families, cities or states and enjoy His blessing and protection whatever our enemies have planned.


  3. Tim Ehrke

    Hey Folks, As fellow Patrick McGoohan fans,did you know that Mr.McGoohan said in an interview in latter life, that his all time favorite part was Disney’s “Dr. Syn; The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh?” There are some traits to that “complicated” character which make some interesting political and moral statements,too, especially in 1963. Blessings, Tim

  4. Cris D Putnam

    Jason – Amen brother!

    We haven’t accomplished anything by torture or military initiative. . In an open country it is exceedingly easy to create mayhem. I can not think of any sufficient reason other than the will of Lord that we have not experienced another 9/11 event. We are still the beach head for the great commission sending out and supporting missionaries world wide, I have to believe it is for the faithful few that the Lord has held back judgment. It has little to do with the deterrent of violence.

    In Him,

  5. Christine Carter

    If you go to Lynn Marzulli it is a blog concerning the nephilim and their possible end time game. He has a book out called “Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural” that details his beliefs in the nephilim of the Bible and the ufo’s that are being seen all over the world. He has interviewed doctors that have done surgery on patients to remove implants that were put in them during abductions. It is very interesting!

  6. Lyn (Linda) Walters

    The Prisoner:

    Finally, a “soul mate” for the SMOKE MONSTER from Lost…ROVER! A match (not) made in heaven. LOL I could not help finding a few striking similarities in both programs, but also many, many differences. Still. Both are extremely interesting in their ability to confuse and challenge the mind (and its view of “reality”).

    Lyn Walters

  7. Jacob

    Just wanted to echo what Jason and Cris said… I totally agree! I have been aggregating passages that pertain to this matter of what it means to “love your enemies”. Literally every passage I’ve found in the NT thus far indicates that we are to “endure” persecution and let God have the vengeance, not take matters into our own hands and resort to physical violence in an attempt to save our own skin.

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