P.I.D. Radio 11/09/09: Fort Hood, Orlando, Ukraine


Major Nidal Malik Hasan

THE SHOOTINGS at Fort Hood on November 5 dominate the news today, and rightly so. We discuss Major Nidal Malik Hasan and his connection to a couple of the 9/11 hijackers through a radical imam in Falls Church, Virginia. See the website of the Northeast Intelligence Network for information you won’t get from the major media.

We also discussed an odd detail connected to the shootings in Orlando the day after the terror event at Fort Hood. Jason Rodriguez allegedly killed one and wounded six during his rampage at 1000 Legion Place; his license plate is D119UX — 911 reversed, bracketed by dux, the Latin word for a Roman general in command of two or more legions. Coincidence?

What is reported as an H1N1 outbreak in Ukraine continues to spread rapidly. As of today, over a million have contracted the flu, nearly 53,000 are hospitalized, and 174 have died. (Here is the link to the Google translation of the original report from the Ukraine Ministry of Health.)

Also: US House passes health care “reform” — buy insurance or go to jail; drills for pneumonic plague outbreaks; and the three hikers charged with espionage by Iran are not average American kids on holiday; they’re Arabic speakers in their late 20s and early 30s who live in the Middle East, and who, at the very least, should have known better than to go anywhere near the Iranian border.

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  2. Christie

    This might sound as though it’s more obscure than pertinent to those 2 mass shootings, beginning with Ft. Hood’s massacre on Nov. 5th–but–since I grew up in Contra Costa county in the San Fran Bay Area of California, I subscribe to the newspaper, Contra Costa Times, online–I spotted a story concerning what appeared to be random arson that occurred on Nov. 4th, in, and near Richmond, Ca.–

    –but, check out the numbers–“6” fires were started during the middle of night, and “11” cars were burned–one man was spotted leaving the site of the last car torching over in Richmond–it’s claimed the man was “6”ft. tall, and “17”0 lbs–with the numbers “6” and “17” being the pertinent occult-connected numbers–

    –but, also, the name of one of the streets on which one of the fires was started, and 4 cars were burned, was “El Portal” Rd.–that caught my attention, but I really sat up when I spotted the name of the place at which the shooter in Orlando did his killing, two days later on Nov. 6th–“Gateway” Plaza, located at 1000 “Legion” Place–

    –so, to my thinking, within those two incidents, the connection could be found within the place-names of “El Portal”, and “Gateway”–that’s at least part of the message, within the 2 incidents, being sent, so far as I can tell–and, also, the name of one of the car burning victims, who had two of his vehicles torched the night of Nov. 4th, is Sutherland[Southern land]–

    –so–a ‘portal’, ‘gateway’ located in a ‘southern’ location–that’s what I managed to discern from all that, at least–with the horrible murders that took place on Ft. Hood, on the day in between the 4th, and 6th, as being possibly a horrible type of ‘smoke screen’, in a way, that helped distract people, and helped in obscuring the important info contained within the first, and third incidents–maybe?

    I’m not sure, but it does seem to me all 3 are somehow connected behind the scenes–but, exactly how the 1st and 3rd are connected to the 2nd one at Ft. Hood, I haven’t figured that out as yet, exactly.

    Thank you both so much–you totally zero in on all things pertinent to what is ‘really’ taking place right under our very noses, or right in front of our very eyes, almost unbeknownst to us.

  3. James A Burt

    Also 11/9/89 was the fall of the Berlin Wall, 2000 – 1989 = 11, 11/9 is the inverse of 9/11, the fall of the Wall was a dialectical event as East and West Germany become one, the two towers of 9/11 become one “Freedom” tower, etc.

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