P.I.D. Radio 9/27/09: Globalism Week


PRESIDENT OBAMA delivered speeches to three groups of globalists this week: the United Nations General Assembly, the G20 Summit, and the Clinton Global Initiative (albeit by satellite). Interestingly, it was at the G20 that President Obama decided to reveal Iran’s second uranium enrichment facility, not the UN Security Council. Why is that?

Also: Iran loses its only AWACS plane and test-fires missiles; Muammar Qaddafi’s rambling UN speech; Rep. Alan Grayson grills Ben Bernanke over the half-trillion bucks given to foreign banks (link opens YouTube video); the never-ending bank bailout called “reform”; G20 signals a new global economic order; recovery versus a lull before the big crash (see Vox Day’s take on the numbers here); Half-Past Human predicting crash for October 25; Americans far more likely to die from health care than from lack of insurance; NEA indoctrination and dominionism; and coins found in Egypt bearing the name of the biblical Joseph.

UPDATE: Dr. Mike Heiser cautions against taking the “Joseph coin” at face value without more information. Read his take here.

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5 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 9/27/09: Globalism Week

  1. David Head

    Derek & Sharon, God Bless You Both !
    This show was timely food for my soul.

    I’m a 57 year old Disabled Christian living here in NorthEast
    Arkansas with my wife, daughter and our two cattle dogs

    Lucy & Ethel, our two cattle dogs, think Sam is a handsome guy.

    I’ve gone back over your show 3 times to make sure I’m following
    what Sharon found in her research.

    I have been a Blood Bought Believer for over 40 years and have
    worked in Ministerial Support for about 20 years.

    I look forward to your programs each week and can’t hardly
    wait to see what you have found.

    When I was a young Christian, my Pastor gave a call for prayer
    and asked those who the Lord had put a need on their heart to
    come forward before our little congregation and share their

    I asked the Lord to bless me with knowledge, wisdom, a deeper
    faith in Him and the courage to stand-up for Him.

    The Lord has blessed me beyond measure.

    Derek & Sharon, I’m in the wilderness where we live so to speak
    since we have been unable to find a church that will accept us.

    I’ve come to depend on you both for spiritual food and what
    fellowship I can get over the net.

    I’ve heard Sharon mention that you’ve visited different
    congregations and share your Godly burden, only to be invited
    to “visit the church up the road”.

    I’ve gotten the same invitation a number of times and think I
    know what you’ve gone thru. (It hurts, I know.)

    I share many of the same burdens the Lord has given you both.

    I am confined to our little farm house most of the time so I
    have lots of time to dig around on the net.

    The more information I find, the more I find myself praying for
    the Lord’s discernment, protection and provision.

    You mentioned maybe stocking up on some extra food.

    I’ve had a similar burden to make provision for my family
    for what is very possible in the near future.

    The problem I face is that I’m on a small disability check that
    only lasts about a week forcing me to borrow from my elderly
    parents to feed us three weeks out of the month.

    Since the “bad day” Sharon mentioned is indicated for October
    the twenty fifth, what can I do to provide for my family with my very limited finances ? ? ?

    I have gotten stressed and depressed about this very situation.

    The Lord gave me a deep sense of forboding over a year ago about
    what is apparently going to happen in the not to distant future.

    I believe the Lord has spoken to my spirit about this.

    I have asked Him to protect and provide for us and give us
    strength to go thru this if needs be.

    I need encouragement about my situation and would apprciate
    getting to hear from either of you.

    I know I shouldn’t as a believer, but, I feel some what scared.

    I know you are both very busy.

    Thank you for reading this, please pray for us.

    God Bless & God Speed to your family.

    David, Ann and Rebekah Head

    David, I removed your contact information (as a protection for you), but I copied it into my address book. Derek will be calling you soon…. God bless, Sharon

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  3. Damon

    Although these boneheads are slowly building a system all they can really do is be “a kingdom divided against itself”. Until their leader shows up

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