P.I.D. Radio 9/6/09: Preparations


wall Jerusalem

PREPAREDNESS, AS any Boy Scout knows, is important. Even the ancient Canaanites knew it, as evidenced by the recently discovered 26 foot high walls built with 4-5 ton boulders in Jerusalem. The walls connected to towers with walls 12-and-a-half feet thick, all to guard the path to the city’s only water supply, the Gihon Spring. So who or what was such a threat in 1800 B.C. that you needed 26-foot walls to keep them out?

Also: Obama prepares to address Congress on health care and students on…something; Ramadan at the White House; answers to your questions; and a 2007 interview with Tom Horn of SurvivorMall.com and Shane Connor of ki4u.com on National Preparedness Month.

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