Best of P.I.D. Radio: Peter Goodgame — Red Moon Rising


Red Moon Rising by Peter D. GoodgameBLESSED AGAIN with company in the bunker tonight, we delve deeper into the archives for another foundational interview.  This is from December of 2005, a talk with researcher and author Peter Goodgame about his excellent book Red Moon Rising.

Red Moon Rising has helped to shape our interpretation of the prophetic timeline of the End of Days.  We highly recommend it, and Peter has graciously made it available to read at  his website.


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2 comments on “Best of P.I.D. Radio: Peter Goodgame — Red Moon Rising

  1. Mom of Twin Girls

    I really enjoyed your interview with Peter. When you were talking about pretorist, the first person that came to my mind was Hank Hanigraff. I used to listen to his talk show 6 years ago. Then, in the Southwest Radio Ministries with Dr. Noah Hutchings (which you should invite on your show) he said Hank was a pretorist!! That just floored me. It is amazing anyone can think like that. I mean, if this is what it is to be like after Jesus’ second coming, I do not want to be here..LOL

    God Bless and I LOVE your show…listen to it on iTunes, my iPod and your website. I plan to purchase your book Sharon.

  2. robert grimes

    peter goodgame is good and says what is true.the USA IS A EVIL WORLD END TIME EMPIRE\

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