Best of P.I.D. Radio: David Duncan — The New World Order Scam


WE HAVE company again tonight and we spent the evening watching the Nicolas Cage movie Knowing. (Sharon will have a review posted tomorrow.)

So we take the opportunity to bring back an archived interview that’s been offline for a couple of years. In December of 2005, we interviewed David Duncan about his belief that Christians were being set up by various groups to take the fall for most of what’s wrong with America, and thus the world. He called his theory the biggest double cross in all of history, “The New World Order Scam”.

Dave’s website is no longer online, but it’s been archived here. It’s worth reading and key to understanding the coming end game.

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4 comments on “Best of P.I.D. Radio: David Duncan — The New World Order Scam

  1. Lisa R Geron

    the intro was hilarious (NEW WORLD ORDER!!!)i was in such a bad mood. thanks for making me laugh uproariously. love you guys, lrg

  2. John

    I didn’t get to hear the show yet, but I had to comment on the movie “Knowing” with Nicolas Cage. I don’t want to ruin this for anybody if they didn’t see it yet so stop reading here if you want to see the movie and still be surprised.

    That movie was packed with subtle messages. Even the title suggests a reference to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil – Just like the one pictured at the end of the movie. It could be argued that the tree at the end of the movie was the Tree of Life. My thoughts on the Tree of life are that it looks more like a Cedar of Lebanon which has been identified with being a symbol of God in the Bible. Since it’s an evergreen pine tree, that makes sense as it has by appearance eternal life as opposed to most deciduous trees that lose their leaves and appear to die every year. In any case, the tree at the end of the movie appears to be a fruit bearing tree.

    Did you notice the space ships looked like pine cones. Could they be symbolic of the pineal gland which is roughly shaped like a pine cone. Think in terms of the occult and their meaning of the “third eye”.

    I’m going off topic here a bit , but consider that in refernce to the story of Adam and Eve.

    Satan (the serpant) temped Eve by telling her that her eyes would be open and that she would become like God, knowing good and evil if she took of the fruit of the tree. Interesting side study – Strong’s Hebrew dictionary indicates the word for “tree” is a word that is pronounced like “ets” (6086). It’s derived from another word pronounced like “atsah” (6095) of which one of its meaning is “to close the eyes”. I can’t help but see that as being connectioned to the lie satan used to decieve Eve. He said the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would open the eyes when it fact it would do the exact opposite. In effect it openned us to evil and closed our eyes to God’s righteousness. I question – was the pineal gland originally designed by God as the part of our anatomy that would let us truly see and know His goodness and glory and better enable us to have a relationship with Him. Instead, I believe the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil changed all that so that that same gland could be perverted to be used as the pathway that would put us more in tune with satan. Check out this story. It’s entitled “To Hell & Back: An Ayahuasca ‘Cleansing’ With Amazonian Shamans” I think it’s representtive of what happened when Eve and Adam took of that fruit. Here’s the link:

    One other thought and forgive me I know I’m way off topic here – Satan is often referredto as the dragon or serpant. It seems that his true appearance may be reptilian in nature. The pineal gland in some reptiles is used almost like another eye. Also, take a look at this article entitled “The Giant Pineal ‘Eye’ of Platycyclops” about the fossil remains of a dinosaur (considered this in relation to Bill Schnoebellin’s theory that what we call dinosaurs my be the remains of the beings that predominated this planet before satan’s fall and the cataclysm that followed before the creation of this earth age.). Take notice the the large opening for the pineal gland.

    Back to the movie. I also didn’t like the idea of the beings that came in the space as being called our creators. I also didn’t like the idea of them being portrayed as the saviours of the human species – “species” being used as a word that would put us on the same level as any of the animals on the planet.

    Did you notice that the children were allowed to take two white rabbits with them. – fertility and purity (virginity)both being symbolized.

    There’s more. I’m sure the children that could hear the voices could be linked to the indigo children – thus being in some way slightly higher evolved than the rest of the poor saps depicted in the film.

    I need to see this one again and pay more attention to the numbers and even the coordinated of where the “safe place” or dare I say the “alien rapture” location was.

    Did you also notice the idea of global warming being a factor?

    All in all, I thought the movie was pretty good but it gave me the creeps.

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