Best of P.I.D. Radio: Peter Goodgame — The Kabbalah and the Divine Council


Great Seal

BACK INTO the archives for a show that felt at least somewhat timely because of the opening audio clip. Last night, Paul and Phillip Collins referred to Nancy Pelosi’s use of the phrase novus ordo seclorum during a recent speech in Miami. The clip that opens this archive broadcast was taken from Rep. Pelosi’s address to Congress in 2007 upon becoming the first female Speaker of the House in American history.

Obviously, this is a motto that has a great deal of meaning for Speaker Pelosi — and many others.

In January of 2007, Author Peter Goodgame (Red Moon Rising, The Giza Discovery) joined us to discuss our research into the influence of the kabbalah on world history, specifically the discovery that the kabbalah “tree of life” seems to have influenced the layout of Washington, D.C. and Nancy Pelosi’s reference to the motto on the Great Seal of the United States.

In short, the kabbalah was developed by Jewish mystics to make contact with the 70 fallen bene elohim placed in command over the world after the rebellion of Nimrod led to the construction (re-construction, actually) of the ancient temple of Enki/Saturn/Satan at Eridu, more commonly known as the Tower of Babel.

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