P.I.D. Radio 7/16/09: This Is Only a Drill… For Now


Israeli Warship

IN A move that’s clearly intended to send a message to Iran, the Israeli navy has sailed two of its most advanced missile boats through the Suez Canal and into the Red Sea. Only ten days ago, an Israeli submarine believed to be equipped with cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads made the same passage. And the Israeli military will conduct long-range tests of its Arrow anti-missile system at a U.S. missile range in the Pacific Ocean later this month.

The message is blunt: “We can move nuclear weapons within range of Tehran anytime we want.”

Also: health care reform means cost/benefit analysis of human life; Tony Blair and his 12 apostles; the Euphrates River drying up; and the Episcopal Church USA now open to clergy of all genders and sexual orientations.

Here’s the link to the op-ed piece by bioethicist Peter Singer in which he argues for government rationing of health care.

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