P.I.D. Radio 7/15/09: Peter Levenda — Nazis and the Occult


Unholy Alliance

WE’RE GETTING ready for company in the bunker tonight, so we present a foundational interview from the archives. In June of 2006, Derek talked with Peter Levenda, author of the three-volume set Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft about his research into the occult theology of the Nazis.

That research led to Levenda’s first book, Unholy Alliance: A History of the Nazi Involvement With the Occult.

All of Peter’s books are deeply researched, well written, and essential to your personal library. Highly recommended.

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6 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 7/15/09: Peter Levenda — Nazis and the Occult

  1. OutOfactor

    Great interview! Its eerie that people could be ‘moved’ about like chess peices to serve Hitler. Afraid its to happen again with the NWO. Peterss’ research was superb. We are witnesses to all this so as saints when we return to serve and rule with the Son of God we will have been prepared for eternity. We have the victory right now cause of Christ yet we must wait a little longer til Christ rules on this planet. Its all coming to together now. Thanks for the inciteful interviews and amusing laughs you two share with us. Occupy, those are our marching orders. I am all geared up, Derek where is your helmet soldier? LOL. Missed ya Sharon! Love Out – Peace In

  2. Derek Post author

    Ravenscroft went a lot farther than the evidence should have taken him. Levenda doesn’t present speculation without identifying it as such.

  3. outOfactor

    ATTN: George Davis. I gather the earth is heeving, groaning, quaking, belching and soon Appollyn (Abaddon) will come forth out of the abyss. So out of the very core of the earth its rejecting the evil (polution). Mt. 6:10 Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. So the LORD is merciful and is informing us, as the blob is known now. Certainly we are equipped for every occasion. Its my understanding we the elect will be able to speak into existence for i.e water out of rock or bread from heaven. Faith moves! And you get this faith from tribulations. Don’t have nervous for the blob or any other strange doings cause God has got us covered. All the bases are loaded and its the 9th inning.

  4. sierra11

    I watched the program, it was good but one info was incorrect. Hitlers Eaglesnest, or his retreat is not in Austria but in Germany because Berchtesgaden is located in Germany. I know, because I was born and raised there. Please get all the facts straight, Thank you sierra

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