Best of P.I.D. Radio: David Duncan — The Year 2012 Scam


MUSCLE relaxants make you sleepy — very sleepy. So while Derek naps to heal his back, we dig into the archives again for another important interview, this time with former occultist David Duncan. In May of 2006, Dave discussed his view of end times prophecy with the unique perspective of one who knows first-hand what New Agers expect in 2012.

Sadly, as David noted, the expectations of many Christians for the year 2012 now mirror those of New Agers.

The interview was presented in three parts, and so tonight we feature three shows (for the price of one) on what Dave called “the biggest double cross in history”.

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13 comments on “Best of P.I.D. Radio: David Duncan — The Year 2012 Scam

  1. John

    I listened to the discussion you had prior to the first interview regarding the SWAT team uniform and the shape of the helmet. That style of helmet came into the Army inventory a few years before I got out. They’re made of Kevlar, enabling them to stop a small-caliber bullet. The old steel pots wouldn’t. The old steel pots also left exposed the area of your lower ear and the area just behind your lower jaw — a very critical spot. In addition, steel pots made it difficult to sight your rifle when firing from a prone position.

    The shape and material of the new helmets have a practical purpose, but I, too, am troubled by the images and the era in history they conjure. One image, in particular, that I find troubling is one in which a federale of some vintage is pointing a sub-machine gun at Elian Gonzales’ uncle, while he (the uncle) is holding the then 5-year-old kid. You can’t help but draw a parallel to the SS. That’s probably the intent. The recent concentration of power in the hands of so few, and the willingness to exercise that power to suppress those who disagree with the current conventional wisdom, is frightening. In another similar instance, a SWAT hit on a family near where I live in Colorado, where the local Sheriff forcibly removed a kid from his home to take him to a hospital because he bumped his head, exemplifies our loss of freedom from personal invasion at the hands of those who reign in power.

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  3. Anthony

    There was some comment by Duncan about the New Ager’s “metaphysical lullaby” which I found off-putting. I understand that drug use was rampant and claimed it’s victims but I also understand that the counter-culture and it’ motivations were far more complicated and multi-faceted than any flippant label conjured by Mr.Duncan can describe.

    “Hippies” were in large I believe lost youth, who rebelled against the norm which they felt held an ugly hypocrisy. And seeing that the leadership of the norm in their society claimed to be Christian there was a natural rebellion against it. I don’t want to generalize but I am not writing a thesis. The solution I believe most people came to understand was critical and core to the so-called hippy understanding was going back to a more natural way of living. This by no means is a wish to sleep but a realization that true living is tough and worth sacrificing the comforts of our new order of living. I don’t fall in for worshipping gods or name calling but at least an attempt at honesty and leaving behind of the bias news-talk style punditry that distorts discussion.

  4. Derek

    What was David referring to, specifically? It’s been several years since the interview and I don’t recall the context.

    Bear in mind that Dave was a full-on participant in the counter culture, part of the Haight Ashbury scene during the so-called Summer of Love. He had a pretty good understanding, I think, of what motivated the people he associated with.

    We understand the desire to rebel against a hypocritical Christian leadership, which is, if anything, more evident today than it was 40 years ago. However, that excuse won’t wash when we face the ultimate judgment, sadly. The only comfort is knowing that the false teachers who led people astray in Jesus’ name will be held accountable for those they deceived.

  5. Anthony

    Sorry about that. It has been years. And your right, I’m only twenty-seven and I can’t speak for those in the past like Mr. Duncan can, but I have been labeled a hippy and I identify with those who are. I just resent generalizations because they aren’t accurate.
    I believe the context was the New Age perception of end times being a hippy utopian dillusion. My contention is, young people back then believed that a major solution/outcome was going back to nature. And going back to nature is no lullaby, it’s tough and even deadly but ultimately more honest.
    I agree I hope we are all judged rightly in the end and those who escape punishment on earth come to some understanding of their transgressions and humility and appreciation before God, but isn’t rebellion against a corrupt system part and parcel of what Jesus did and preached? How is being rebellious an excuse? Or are you talking about rebellion without a proper moral basis which the “hippies” lacked.

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