Best of P.I.D. Radio: Guy Malone — Roswell, UFOs, and End Times

Guy Malone

AS DEREK recuperates from his strained back by applying heat, anti-inflammatory drugs, and muscle relaxants, we dig into the archives for a timely interview with our man in Roswell, New Mexico, Guy Malone. This past weekend, a host of cutting edge thinkers and theologians gathered for the 2009 Ancient of Days Conference, the first Christian symposium on aliens.

It was like a reunion of past P.I.D. Radio guests, including Lynn Marzulli, Dr. Mike Heiser, Russ Dizdar, Joe Jordan, and, of course, Guy — plus people we should have on the show, such as author Stephen Yulish, Pastor Chris Ward, Gary Bates of Creation Ministries International, Dr. William Alnor, and Michael “Dr. Future” Bennett.

The interview was recorded in July of 2008, while the 61st anniversary of the most famous UFO crash in history was celebrated in Roswell. Guy Malone shared with us a rundown of the official events, which, interestingly enough, were coordinated by Joe Jordan of the Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America, a Christian deliverance ministry.

Guy reiterated what we believe about UFO phenomena: Some of them are real; they’re not from outer space; and the passengers are definitely not friendly.


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