P.I.D Radio 7/2/09: 2012 Minus 1260


FROM the director of The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day comes 2012, a film about the end of the world in — you guessed it — 2012. If nothing else, those clever Mayans have provided fodder for another big-screen depiction of global CGI devastation.

Interestingly, back up 1,260 days — 3-1/2 years — from 12/21/12 and you arrive at July 10, 2009, which was the original release date for 2012.

You’ll find the official movie site here, and an interesting collection of viral videos featuring Woody Harrelson as Charlie Frost, a quirky Internet conspiracy radio host who drives the country in a Winnebago — just like Barney Ison, who features prominently in Sharon’s The Armageddon Strain and Derek’s The God Conspiracy.

Also: US now greener than Canada; the Cult of the Repeated Meme; electromagnetic mind control; real US unemployment now over 20%; The Enigma of Case Destiny, a new “slideshow story” at the London Telegraph; and Sam Dachshund keeps the bunker safe.

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  1. David Endsley

    Well…we finally got around to listening to the show. Very interesting stuff (as usual). Have you guys considered asking Stan Deyo if there might be anything to “The Enigma of Case Destiny”?

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