P.I.D. Radio 6/24/09: Where in the World Was Gov. Mark Sanford?


Gov. Mark Sanford

GOVERNOR Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) has returned from his, um, weekend getaway to Argentina, and it’s our guess he wishes he was still in Buenos Aires.

Also: Sanford’s connection to the Fellowship; the Fellowship’s connection to the rich and powerful, Dominionism, and the New Age movement; and the Western media creates an Iranian Joan of Arc — but the leader of the opposition party in Iran has American blood on his hands.

Links to articles that delve into the Fellowship (most written from a secular perspective):

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3 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 6/24/09: Where in the World Was Gov. Mark Sanford?

  1. Christie

    Thank you both so very much, and thanks to all brothers and sisters in Christ just like you, who work for the Lord by helping us all the way you do. God’s blessings, and my prayers, to you both.

    And, I’m especially thankful to you both for bringing information out about that clandestine ‘Christian’ ‘Family’, working there in D.C.–that was really surprising to me, but considering the level of deception the world is experiencing these days, I am slowly becoming less and less vulnerable to these surprises! However–they will never stop disgusting me to no end!

    Also–whenever I think of Argentina, I think “nazi” and “operation paperclip”, and that whole bit–and, did you hear what was said as to what the Gov. had been doing down there in Argentina, that had nothing do with having an affair?–and, this was said during some of the first moments after this sordid tale about him first broke, and it was said on Fox News–that, he’d been down there “dove hunting”–I sat straight up at hearing that one! But, I was not surprised when, all of a sudden, the story switched to him being down there visiting his ‘lover’, instead–the truth, I believe, shows up in the very beginning of the reporting on one of these awful tall tales, and then, a bit later, the lies are trotted out–in my opinion, though–I don’t have any proof–I just wish I did.:)

  2. bill

    guys..seriously…you’re gonna hurt yourselves trying to stop after 15 min. kinda like trying to stop a sneeze by pinching your nose closed. you’re gonna bust somethin’. so why not just let the blather flow before you start bleedin’ from the ears? hey..i’m just sayin’……

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