P.I.D. Radio 6/8/09: A Threat or a Meme?


DANIEL “Cape Man” Murray is in custody, as is 48-year-old John Zaubler, a New Yorker arrested over the weekend for making a separate threat on the life of President Barack Obama. Were these guys serious, patsies in the making, or dupes planted to spread the meme that the president’s life is in danger from another lone (angry white Christian) nut?

Also: sacrificing albinos in Tanzania; vampire culture; and a woman is killed in Oregon for her unborn child.

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2 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 6/8/09: A Threat or a Meme?

  1. John McMahon

    Long time listener to pid radio. I am a big futurequake fan too. I have add really bad and I can’t read books because of that. Now I can listen to one of your books! This is so cool. I know it is free, but if you had your other books and sharon’s books on audio, I would pay good money to download them.

    I think there is a real market for you in audio books.


  2. David Endsley

    Another good 15 minute show that lasted for 24 minutes. Yes, the news that you covered is dark indeed, but you do it so well. Much better than others who I will not name. I really appreciate how you tie it all back to the Bible, end-times, and salvation.

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