P.I.D. Radio 6/5/09: Hunt for Cape Man


Daniel James Murray

FEDERAL authorities are searching for one Daniel James Murray, a New York man last seen withdrawing $85,000 from a one-week-old bank account in St. George, Utah. Bank employees say Murray made several bizarre statements including a threat on the life of President Barack Obama.

Secret Service officials say they see threats like this all the time. So why is Murray, who reportedly wore a T-shirt with a Christian message to that bank in Utah (and whose neighbors in New York remember the glowing cross in the back yard of the guy they called “Cape Man”), getting media attention?

Also: new software called Natal brings artificial intelligence to the Xbox — and, possibly, surveillance into your living room.

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7 comments on “P.I.D. Radio 6/5/09: Hunt for Cape Man

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  2. Chris M

    I think I can speak on behalf of all the avid listeners in lobbying against the 15 minute deadline. I’d love it if you went an hour every day. So, blather away! The show is great.

  3. David Endsley

    Where are all the links? You mentioned several times that you would be posting links in the show notes but all I see is the link to Revelations Radio Network. Am I just missing something? Also, I agree with Chris M. 15 minutes is just not long enough. But…it’s better than none at all. 🙂

  4. FMeekins

    Found it interesting he was charged with not so much as threatening the President but for “making threats while banking”, a charge so amorphous as to include getting miffed at a teller who provides lousy service. I also wonder if the amount of his withdrawal had anything to do with getting the attention of higherups as with that amount it begins to become more the bank’s and gov’s money than yours in terms of the attitutde that is displayed in terms of you having to ask permission to withdraw it.

  5. Derek Post author

    David: I beg your understanding. Trying to keep the production time at night down to an hour or less and sometimes topics discussed during the show escape me while I jam out the show notes.

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